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  1. A previous band I was in used to do it and they let me sing it even though I wasn't the front man. Including a nice drunken intro...
  2. Had one for a while. Cleans are good. Dirties sound scooped even with the mids on 10. Get a graphic EQ for the loop and dial in a bit of a mid boost and you'll be set.
  3. I have a tone-master, I like it. One of the best amps of all time.
  4. Best to worst with a * on what I currently have. Axe-FX Ultra/TS100 rack* Mesa Triple Recto (2 channel Blackface)* Roland JC-120* Mesa Rectoverb (Series 1)* Mesa Single Recto (Series 2)* Marshall DSL* Fender RocPro 1000 head* Fender Bassman (Blackface)* Peavey 5150 II Peavey Ultra Plus Jet City JCA20* Blackstar HT-5* Mesa Stiletto Deuce (Stage 1) Fender Hotrod Deluxe* Randall RM100* Crate GX-15* Fender Deluxe 112 Plus
  5. Tremoverb isn't mind but I got a Rectoverb that I don't have a pic of so just think of that. Also, don't have the Stiletto anymore... Prior to a set of V30s and a BLackface and SL+ mod...
  6. Damn, I was all excited to see some of the old formalities back... That was a cock tease...
  7. the amp sims and drives on the gt10 are its weak point.. though they are still pretty decent... the rest of the effects are actually quite good and really flexible i returned my gt500 after about 10 days... hated it what about a rack processor something like the TC GMajor 2... i really like mine. Thanks for the input. I'm not really concerned about the amp sims, just effects. While I'm not totally against the rack thing, I'd still have to get a midi floorboard for it. Plus the rack too. I figured having an all in one floorboard/fx unit would be easier.
  8. Just did some checking and the M13 won't work. It isn't line level.
  9. IIRC, M13 isn't bigger than the HD500.. and its just for FX and does the 4CM. M13 is the same effects as the HD500, right?
  10. A pedalboard with 3-knob pedals? I would take the Nova System, I liked it a lot! So far the GT-10 is also very cool but the editing options might be to much for some. The HD500 is terrible in my opinion, and I loved the M9! Got a small pedal board right now. I just hate the tap dancing involved with it and most of my amps have line level loops so it's hard to find pedals to cooperate. What didn't you like about the HD500?
  11. What about the M13? Didn't really look that closely at it as it seems to be a bit bigger than I would like. Does it do the 4CM?
  12. So I'm looking from a multiFX processor that has midi capability so I can use it to also change the channels on my amps. Ideally I'd like to use the 4CM as well. I know the Nova can't do it but I figured I'd throw that into the mix as well seeing and how I've heard a lot of good things about it. So, in terms of effects quality and ease of use, what would you guys recommend?
  13. I've had that happen with MF. They double charged me for something send my balance into the negatives. Then it took them 3 days to fix it.
  14. Better pedal for sure. Hands down. Totally. The crunch channel is amazing.
  15. Jim Root of Slipknot Nice! Not too far from one I pieced together...
  16. I remember actually sitting in front of my PC with my CC in hand debating about ordering one of those LPs... Luckily, I didn't.
  17. Anyone have any experience with these boards? How are they? Now that I'm singing more in my band, the tap dancing on certain songs is getting to be a pain in the ass. I've been looking at multi-fx boards that have the ability to channel switch. Any input is appreciated.
  18. The Hardwire should have come with its own custom-fit velcro...you would need to peel off the rubber bottom and put that on. Not sure on the Boss footswitch but velcro does have a hard time sticking to those non-skid rubber bases... Really? for not looking in the box.... Yeah, it's like ridged rubber on the bottom.
  19. Hi all! Finally got my first pedal all setup. It's not pretty but it's got everything need on it. Obligatory pic from the early stages. I've since added a Boss volume pedal and moved it to a case from Rondo music. Also, the cabling has been cleaned up. Simple and effective. Anyway... I can't seem to get the velco to stick to the bottom of the Boss footswitch or the Digitech pedal. I've tried 3 different brands and they just won't stick. Should I use some soft of glue or is there a better way?
  20. What if you're still young and attractive? *looks at mattacaster* :oh Ohhh......
  21. BAck in the 80s insta poontang.....today you are a mullet wearing throwback that will not accept the fact that the 80s are gone I was 4 when Top Gun came out.
  22. Un - SAFE! HA!!!! Is now a bad time to mention I'm going as Goose for Halloween?
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