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  1. '62ish Silvertone 1481 Basically a poor man's (or broke student's) tweed champ. Loads of fun with a les Paul
  2. I see buskers using Fender amp cans all the time. Traynors makes one too.
  3. hi tip.... just as i figured, i dont fit into the cliquey little phag club here... i ask a serious question and it sinks like a rock as they discuss their sisters underwear or some such drivel... and they have the testicularity(balls, amp forumites) to bitch and moan like so many weenies at tweedy... sinks like a rock... twice... so much for how serious they are here i guess... more worthless words on the innerwebz of joy... later losers....
  4. OP, a Deluxe Reverb is probably your best bet
  5. what's your main beef with the frontman? curious that you say it sucks, as it's a pretty decent cheap amp that sounds like a fender to me. Really? Like realllllllly? They're easily the worst practice amps out there. I had a FM15 that sounded like ratty ass
  6. Twin or Deluxe If you reallly need the extra ooph, maybe a Bassman or something. /thread
  7. I think the only part of that song that isn't downpicked is the triplet in the ascending riff after the second solo. Hell, Hetfield even downpicks his solo!
  8. Reported as well. Dirty fake. If the guy didn't know it's a fake he wouldn't have taken pictures designed to obscure all the markers of fakeness.
  9. Laff this thread is so old the OP is bant
  10. what kind of pussy would even ask this kind of a question? This. It's beer. Drink it.
  11. Tronix model P2NA-still have it Peavey Rage 158-gave it away Traynor YCV20WR-always forget that I owned it. I bought it used from a store and then returned it 4 months later. I ended up getting charged for a rental or something. Marshall DSL 401-Still have it but its not currently functioning Orange Rockerverb 50-traded for '77 Marshall JMP 2203
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