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  1. I got the issue resolved with my bass player last night, so I'm fine with sticking with my band (thanks for asking!) Anyhow, something came up in conversation last night... In a band, who has the hardest job? Guitar Bass Drums Singer I ask this, because from his perspective, that's the order of who's got the hardest job in learning covers. According to him: drums are easiest because I never practice. I can listen to a song and fake it. Bass is next easiest because he can follow root notes, but it's also got some bass lines there that have to be done right. Guitars has the hardest job, in that they have to carry the melody and do guitar solos and so on. He doesn't count singers, because you're either born with the ability/talent to sing or not - but...there are exceptions that someone can be molded into a singer and do well with some effort/training. Basically that because I'm the drummer in this band, that I don't have a whole hell of a lot of say, musically speaking...that if I wanted to "step up" I could switch to guitar. I found that statement funny... I also disagreed with him that drums are the easiest - they are by far the most physically demanding instrument to play - it uses your entire body (and mind) to play drums and play them at a high level...and I've got over 15 years involved with being a drummer, and that's why I can listen to a song and know how to play it without ever having practiced it. I switched from guitar because I lack the patience to learn a song note for note...and when it comes to solos that I lose track of what they are playing, and because I don't know enough theory, I'm unable to wing it much more than a basic hack could do. That, and I knew I could land a gig being a drummer (because I was pretty good years before), and guitarists are a dime a dozen...and I wasn't going to sing, or play bass. I didn't say that drums were the easiest or the hardest, but that everyone has a job to do and they all can be the hardest or the easiest given the song...(but overall, bass players have it pretty easy! ) So, what's your take - most people here are guitarists, so it'll be interesting to have that perspective.
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