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RIP Carrie Fisher -

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  • RIP Carrie Fisher -

    Whoa - what a year of loss this has been.

    Keeping the Harmony at Harmony Central

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    Keeping the Harmony at Harmony Central


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      My wife and kids are friends with her brother Todd, so this one has hit pretty close to home for our family. My condolences to her family, friends and fans.


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        May The Force be with Her.....She was an honest,open person, a fine actress, a talented writer. RIP


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          I`m not sure if 2016 was any more vicious than any other year. People die everyday... I think we live in a culture now that is obsessed with the "good ol` days". Everyone seems to be interested in reliving the past. Just yesterday I was on Fandango and I could not believe how many movies from 15-30 years ago were playing in theaters. I think people have a distorted view of the past... maybe the past gets better as we age?

          I really try to embrace the present moment because its all we really have. Yeah, its a shame that we lost Merle Haggard, Prince, Bowie, Fisher, Gene Wilder, etc...

          I`m not in a rush to get old but I`m also not interested in rewinding the clock.


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            be prepared for many


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              Just a couple of years younger than Carrie Fisher- I was a junior in high school when the first Star Wars movie came out. Man-o-man did I have the hots for her! However, it was her last Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens) that to me was most captivating and hit close to home. To see her and Harrison Ford as they have aged - and the studios didn't hide it - it made the characters seem all the more real. Like the characters on screen, all of us had nearly 40 years of living behind us where we had joy and laughed, worried, cried, and hurt; did some dumb things and hopefully a few smart things as well.

              While most folks talk of her role in Star Wars, she really had a greater impact off screen. She had a hard life, but she was able to use her experience to help so many others. That is what I admired most about her.

              One thing for sure, it is sad to see her leave us. She will be missed.
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