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  1. "You'll Find Her Name Written There" - Bill Monroe
  2. "Why Don't You Do Right" - Peggy Lee and the Benny Goodman Orchestra
  3. "May The Road Rise To Meet You" - Nathan Carter & The High Kings
  4. "You'll Be In My Heart" - Celtic Woman - Alex Sharpe
  5. "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" - The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
  6. Man, I am just having one of those weeks where everything seems to go sideways. Let me try this one (and a double word score!) 🙃🙃 "Don't It Make You Want to Go Home" - Joe South
  7. Sorry guys, looks like I messed that one up. Its been nuts around here lately (one reason I haven't been posting as often). Will try to make sure I have my newest glasses on from now on! 🤓🤓🧐 "What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am" - The Tams
  8. "That's What I Love About Sunday" - Craig Morgan
  9. "I Don't Want You To Go (But I Need You To Leave)" - Aaron Watson
  10. "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair" - George Jones
  11. "I Don't Mind The Thorns (If You're The Rose)" - Lee Greenwood
  12. "I Don't Want To Sober Up Tonight" - Merle Haggard
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