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  1. hand made adds a lot of $$$ to anything we may purchase, I know what time is and is growing shorter whether guitar or carpets
  2. am I in since I have about 4 fender guitars?
  3. insightful observations Craig, as usual.
  4. remember pet rocks? I'm sure a sensitive enough measuring device might see something due to a coupla' jacks and some cloth wrapped wire
  5. perhaps a local carpenter could build you one for a decent price?
  6. At those prices would be fun to perform experiments with
  7. IMHO, a nice tool for music but a clackety poor keyboard very poo clackety
  8. make adjustments, make memories, let each instrument speak to you... I thought this was about a guitar that would stay in tune until the cows come home... so what is the deal on composite materials for good sounding, throw it in the trunk, guitars? Playing a bass with biggers strings, within reason, helps me play thin strings easier YMMV
  9. maintaining such a large data base must be a bitch is all the HC forum data backed up?
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