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  1. build your own? time... these days I'm getting stands and cases portable I like wood but too heavy for the move
  2. I know I'd sure as {censored}be able to have followed Neil
  3. So it will run under the hood, so to speak, no need to get a new midi interface etc?
  4. FWIW, I'm needing to spend yankee dollars soon because of support ending for W7. I will get a cheep machine for web use etc.
  5. Did Ian Anderson play some kind of smallish early on?
  6. all the trade tariffs, ta riff, the riff happy with mine
  7. not Vivaldi, but I have had resolve from not knowing and then knowing 50 plus years wtf what is what per particular composers, even modern. keeps me going and thinking tunes
  8. Mr. Gilmour raised some support for charity?
  9. hand made adds a lot of $$$ to anything we may purchase, I know what time is and is growing shorter whether guitar or carpets
  10. am I in since I have about 4 fender guitars?
  11. insightful observations Craig, as usual.
  12. remember pet rocks? I'm sure a sensitive enough measuring device might see something due to a coupla' jacks and some cloth wrapped wire
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