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  1. not Vivaldi, but I have had resolve from not knowing and then knowing 50 plus years wtf what is what per particular composers, even modern. keeps me going and thinking tunes
  2. Mr. Gilmour raised some support for charity?
  3. hand made adds a lot of $$$ to anything we may purchase, I know what time is and is growing shorter whether guitar or carpets
  4. am I in since I have about 4 fender guitars?
  5. insightful observations Craig, as usual.
  6. remember pet rocks? I'm sure a sensitive enough measuring device might see something due to a coupla' jacks and some cloth wrapped wire
  7. perhaps a local carpenter could build you one for a decent price?
  8. At those prices would be fun to perform experiments with
  9. IMHO, a nice tool for music but a clackety poor keyboard very poo clackety
  10. make adjustments, make memories, let each instrument speak to you... I thought this was about a guitar that would stay in tune until the cows come home... so what is the deal on composite materials for good sounding, throw it in the trunk, guitars? Playing a bass with biggers strings, within reason, helps me play thin strings easier YMMV
  11. maintaining such a large data base must be a bitch is all the HC forum data backed up?
  12. I ended up here about 12 years ago after a search for some musically related search. I wish I could remember was it a review of a piece of gear I was contemplating buying? Seemed google related musico searches used to direct to here...
  13. Has Dano received the guitar yet?
  14. going to now suck water out of the air soon
  15. pick the battle big venue small venue I say a 1x15 if possible
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