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  1. YMMV I have played for 50 plus years, and not played sore somrtimes
  2. muscle memory bring them back coupla weeks
  3. CNC has vastly improved inexpensive instruments.
  4. nice keetee


    yes, green means go
  5. nice keetee


    the green color fret markers distinct
  6. nice keetee


    I need a 5 string, does Ric make them and how $$ since I seem to record low notes on synths would like to be able to play on a bass guitar etc...
  7. We have some leftover ash firewood
  8. https://www.musicradar.com/news/fender-explains-why-it-wont-be-using-ash-for-its-production-guitars-anymore
  9. Would PZM mics be useful? Mount on flat surface/board, try it and adjust position.
  10. light touch and digging in both valid
  11. my guess a layered patch, pad plus plucky piano type sound? midi up your boards if need be...reminds me of a factory piano sound for Mirage sampler plus layered pad certainly from that era
  12. are the sounds on your boards editable? if so dive in and use your ears...
  13. thank you for your prompt reply as usual I'm trying to find a new something to support a local business, Mikeo knows of them... Usually I'd go there and play and cash and carry but... This s$it like a bad nightmare... seems they have a couple of decent Yamaha nylons too my limited experience with Yamaha acoustics was positive, but long ago...123
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