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Sorta NMD (Warning: long story!)!

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  • Sorta NMD (Warning: long story!)!

    Last night, a young guy came up to the "band stand" where my band and I were gigging (a holiday party) and wanted to know if he could sit in for "just one song"...usually, I try to diplomatically say "Are you crazy?", but as he was the son of the couple who hired us, I decided to say, "Sure...why not?"...and called him up for the last song before we took a break, figuring if he wasn't very good, we'd just smile and hope it'd be forgotten after the break...

    When the time came, her walked up with a really nice looking F-style mandolin, outfitted w/ a small 'bucker (relax, it was a Johnson, it turns out!), in one hand and a Fender Blues Jr. in the other (those of you who occasionally walk on the Dark Side likely know what I refer to)...

    I ask him what he would like to play, and he says, "Oh, just something bluesy...I'll do my best not to embarrass you guys or myself..." So, we started into B.B. Kings's "The Thrill Is Gone" and the kid is keeping up just fine, so I holler out "Want take a lead?" and he does...VERY nicely, I'm pleased to add...we jammed that tune for about 15 minutes, swapping leads. Got a great response, too.

    Asked him to come back up again, next set, as he obviously knew what he was about, and he finally agreed that he's play our last tune of the night, but didn't want to take advantage of the invite...very polite kid!

    Last song of the night, we did "Walking In A Winter Wonderland/It's Xmas and I Wonder Where I Am" (same melody/different words), and we jazzed it up in the middle...kid hung w/o any hesitation. Got another great response from the crowd, and a NICE tip from the "patrons" for allowing their kid to play...Dad said, "He's been playing the mandolin for almost a year..." ( ) I said, "He plays that well after only about a year? Seriously?" Dad says, "Well, he studied classical violin from age 6 'til age 17, but dropped playing anything until he picked up the mandolin at age 30...I think they're tuned the same, so maybe that helped..."

    So, anyway, the kid comes over to talk while I'm loading gear and the subject of mandolins again get discussed, and I mention that my mandolin was stolen a few months ago and that I'm looking for another, but haven't spent the $$$, due to other expenses, and hoped to get something in the spring...he excuses himself and comes back in a few minutes w/ a small gig-bag, saying "Mr. Hall, this isn't anything like what you lost, but I no longer play it, and would like to give it to you, because, while it's a beginner-grade instrument, someone screwed up at the plant that day and let a pretty good one slip out!"

    It's a Rogue F-hole, one of the ones MF sells for around $75, but he's really does play great and sounds surprisingly good for what it is! He put a pretty decent bridge-pickup on it (a Fishman M-100) and it sounds very good plugged-in.

    So, I now have a "gigging" mandolin, again.
    God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too

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    See Terry ,being a good guy sometimes does result in a reward!


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      Cool story Terry. Sounds like very classy people, parents included.


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        'Tis the Season. Happy NMD!

        I've been on a clearing-out-the-closet tear recently. Gave my Rover RM-50 to a Nephew, and gifted the Wurly 200a to a talented, young friend who needed some keys.


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          Nice story Terry! Good things come to good people!
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            Well, I've always said good things happen to good people. Great story TAH


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              Sounds to me like two good people did two good deeds last night. Good for you, Terry.
              Glad to hear it.

              BTW, it was only a couple of weeks ago that I came very close to buying one of those Rogues since I wanted another mandolin and didn't want to spend much for one. I ended up buying this little Ibanez instead. It's still pretty cheap, but to my old ears it sounds pretty good. At least it sounds as good as the Rover RM-75 "F" style I sold about 8 months ago. I've got less than $200 in this one (including the case) and I'm having a ball with it.

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                Nice story Terry! Happy Holidays!
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                  And that's a Merry Christmas story! A good one, too.


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                    Sometimes good things happen to good people.
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                    Originally Posted by gennation

                    Neither of us is gay or anything, it just happened.


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                      Great story. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Mandolin Day.
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                        We got together to jam some more last night and I got to examine his instrument closely...he explained that, even though it looked pretty fancy, that it had a laminated top, which he chose intentionally, because he intended to make it into an electric mandolin from the get-go.

                        Also, he, at the same time he installed the humbucker (a Randy Taylor custom job), put a block of wood directly below the bridge, to (A) keep the face from caviing in, as he had to cut through the twin bracing to install the p/u, and (B) to deaded the instrument further, so it wouldn't feedback when he cranked up his amp (same basic idea as a Gibson 335)...pretty cool idea!

                        I've decided to track myself down a laminated-top "F5" model of similar modest origin and create myself an electric mandolin, too...have wanted one for several years, but it's very hard to find one w/ 8 strings, unless you want to drop BIG $$$...most electric mandolins these days have either 4 or 5, for some reason.
                        God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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                          Now that's a cool way to aquire a new instrument! Way to go TAH!
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                            My evil plan commences...look what I just found, bought off of Ebay!

                            those p/us were founed on these Gibson mandolins...

                            If I buy a F5-clone to put it in, the combination'll look a bit like this:

                            But I may well install it in the Rogue, as I like it's neck a lot...and I already have the Rogue...
                            God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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                              Great xmas story. May you get many years from your new mando.

                              I had one of those Johnson F-5's as my first mando. Got it on a MF blowout for $79 with a featherlight case. While I finally did get it playing and sounding nice, it was a tough turd to polish. There are lots and lots of laminate F-5's out there cheap so be sure to get one that really plays well.

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