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  1. They look very nice. Did they make an 000? Thank you, but no, I'm sorry they didn't make any other body size's in the HG-"900" Arbor series, just dreads
  2. The guitars are the Hohner HG-"900" Arbor series, All aged wood guitars produced from 1978 to 1985, there were two runs on these guitars, the first is the HG models running from 78 to the later part of 80 and the G series from 81 to 85. My focus has been on collecting the HGs mostly. There really great sounding guitars and very nicely constructed, all the bindings and position marks are Maple, they have a Bone Nut and Saddles, the only thing that is plastic is the pick guard. Here's a photo of what I have been able to collect though the years L to R, HG-920 HG-930 HG-940 HG-950 G-930 G-912 (twelve string)
  3. Hammer ons and Pull offs, should only be performed by an experienced luthiers
  4. I never played but I hear that the late 70s and early 80s Washburn prairie song custom and Timber ridge were nice guitars but like I said I never played one. Would like to hear some input on those guitars if anyone has one
  5. 4+20 Stephen Stills, check out more of his tunes for open D songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvuNwH7kCCA
  6. I believe Chicago12Strings had a video up at the Martin forum, but it's been removed from youtube by him. He's pretty good, if he's the same guy. Like I said, I think he's pulling legs and means not a bit of his Henderson critique. But it did get folks riled. Internets. Serious business. Don't forget it. HEY those look like the same two thugs that took my lunch money the other day
  7. I would have to say no that's not the same person
  8. You know what I'm thinking? Fretkillr videos are not the product of one person. I think the voice and the playing are coming from two separate people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RhB-jnJBog When I first heard this guy, I was - like most - amazed, delighted, and highly impressed. The warm combination of a great voice and expert playing is quite potent. I've watched dozens of his 108 or so videos, and it is quite the tour de force. However, why the anonymity? Its obvious this guy is very talented, so why would he want to stay hidden? I've heard lots of theories, but its hard to imagine if he's a professional, what he's hiding. And if he's not a pro, why wouldn't he want to become one instantly? From the comments on the videos, plenty of people would pony up big bucks to hear him live, or buy his music. Doesn't make much sense to keep that a secret. One of the first things that struck me was the caliber of his voice: warm, smooth, polished, and... black. Yep, its obviously a black voice, (no slur intended whatever.) Easily in his 40's or even 50's. So that was my first key into this guy's identity. But looking closely at his videos, its also quite obvious that the hands are of a white guy, perhaps 30-40ish. (Younger, possibly, but surely no older.) The very accomplished hands are surely Fretkillr's, but the combination of the voice with them becomes more and more incongruent. Then I noticed something else about the voice. Its got reverb. Like its been professionally recorded. Fretkillr may have a studio in his home, but the backgrounds I've seen in the videos look more like a bedroom or a den. If the guitar and voice were recorded together in that space, you'd hear lots of ambient echos and sonic artifacts. They would sound like they're being recorded by the same source, which they obviously are not. Also, notice in many of his videos an electric cord of some sort going up to his head. What would that be for if he's singing and playing at the same time? Is it a microphone cord ... Or perhaps a headphone cord. Which would be the case if he's listening to a prerecorded vocal track on headphones, and syncing his playing to that. (Which is what I think is happening here.) Anyway, that's my theory. (Not a FACT, because I don't have any absolute proof.) I'll continue listening and enjoying, (because this guy is obviously very skilled.) But I think I understand both the reticence to reveal himself, and the incongruence between his "black" voice, and his "white" hands. Has anyone ever come to vist you with long white coats on, maybe spent a little time in a padded room perhaps :poke:
  9. Originally Posted by Bridgepin L To R 78 Hohner HG-950 78 Hohner HG-920 89 Martin D-41 77 Mossman Winters Wheat 95 Collings D3H 80 Hohner HG-912 97 Taylor 810 LTD Pearl 91 Fender Strat Two didn't make the picture a Hohner HG-930, and A Hohner beater that I travel with, A total of ten
  10. I think these guy are what the Ramones would look like if they had blonde hair..........the guy on the left looks like Joey Ramone to me
  11. Everytime I see the goats on the NGD threads my fav is always: How about the rest of you? I'm with you on this
  12. Many folks personalize there guitars, I think you like it go for it
  13. I just got a new camera for upcoming vacation had to give her a try L To R 78 Hohner HG-950 78 Hohner HG-920 89 Martin D-41 77 Mossman Winters Wheat 95 Collings D3H 80 Hohner HG-912 97 Taylor 810 LTD Pearl 91 Fender Strat
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    7-Rosewood 1-Obancole 1-Makassa Would like to add a Koa and maple to the herd
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