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  1. They sure have, but you either love the round back and personality of them, or you don’t. I think they appeal to a smaller, more specialized population of guitar players, thus, “niche”. I think players would either want one, or one would be totally off their radar.
  2. It certainly could be, but it has created some interest, and offered me, at least, 10-15 minutes of diversion looking at the Ovation fan site. It’s amazing how much time and effort people go thru for niche products.
  3. This was kinda fun, looking at all the Ovation stuff, and I have no opinions on the brand..(well, some, but mostly unfounded)..so thanks daddymack and DeepEnd. Cool to see dedicated consumers put together all that concise info. Want to see what models they made: http://www.ovationtribute.com/O_Decoder/O-Decoder rev8.htm Can’t find a single one that spell check would render “elevation” though.
  4. Neal


    You guys know Beck? I think he summed up his thoughts on an old guitar he bought for 60 bucks years ago, Silvertone, pretty well. It’s electric, but the sentiment is certainly valid in this case. ”It’s a cheap guitar from the Sears catalog, basically made out of particle board. It’s not considered remotely in the pantheon of great instruments; it’s sort of looked down upon by real musicians. I think I bought it for about $60. Now I have dozens of incredible, classic guitars, but I keep going back to this one that’s supposedly not so good. It barely stays in tune. But it just has this sort of rickety sound — beautifully hellacious, but also a little broken and tender. I’ve recorded so many of my albums with it. I’ve been playing it my entire career.” https://www.silvertoneworld.net/electric/1448/1448.html# now THAT is a craptastic guitar, yet... if you still have free articles left from The NY Times, here’s the link to the article https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/22/arts/music/beck-favorites.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Music
  5. Oh, and a few other greats. To me it’s like watching a lefty guitar player.
  6. Man, this guy inspires. Gives a rundown of a few of his guitars, Gibson, Dobro, Fine Resophonic... It feels awkward seeing the ring finger used for slide, to me, but watching him and a few other “ring finger” players, well, I’d switch if I could play like that.
  7. Oh Grant! Wasn’t writing about you, or the guitars, it was sort of an inside poke at another in good humor. Which, of course, has no place in a forum that is serious business! So, sorry for that, but no, you were not in mind when I was typing. Now you are though ;)! But in a good way. Carry on.
  8. Neal


    Tone certainly is subjective. Glad you’re not the gatekeeper of good guitars! 😁 Those old guitars really shine when played by folks that know their way around the fretboard. It certainly is an un-refined sound compared to the modern guitar building techniques. That’s what makes them desirable. That’s what makes some small builders recreating them behind in orders. That’s why folks like Freeman devote hours and hours into recreating them. Junk? You are definitely entitled to an opinion! Presenting opinions is a fine line, eh? Sometimes it can come off as belittling another’s. (Which I know is not your intention)
  9. Neal


    Hey...Stella. Classic Gambler, 1930-32 . ...sorry for the “take me to Havana, or I’ll blow up the plane”.
  10. Neal


    That. Is. Beautiful. Pyramid bridge, probably birch(?) classic player. Neil Harpe wrote a nice book about Stella, got one years ago, gotta find it, but if you’re interested, http://www.stellaguitars.com/
  11. Oh, and as a few here would say: where are my manners, welcome to the forum. or: first off, welcome to the forum. or, from me: dude, seriously?
  12. A direct response to “C’mon, most of these one-post-wonders, and there are hundreds, either bitch about a Gibson competitor, laud business connected to Gibson, or post in languages most in the Western world are familiar with. I can’t be the only one, but if I am, the rest of you are not sufficiently cynical. And ferchrissake, ALL of you are pretty damn cynical most of the time!“ from the Fender thread. It’s still fun to read though.
  13. Nothin wrong with a little inadvertent shill on occasion. But these one post wonders...
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