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  1. Neal


    Ahh, but what’s an asterisk in Morse?!
  2. Neal


    Ah**. Those last asterisks were just in keeping with the theme. So it’s just “ah”.
  3. Neal


    Are bollocks testicles?
  4. Yeah, that one...hurts the eyes! But exactly what a presentation model should look like.
  5. Just lifeless objects. Like a Renoir or Picasso.
  6. Amen to that. Of course, some would say that the more precise you can make it, the better its longevity and sound. But I don’t really know. I’ve a ‘37 Martin that is more comfortable than any newer ones I’ve played. But then there’s bias, which, admittedly, plays a part.
  7. To further the conversation, one sided though it may be, I offer this in response to that last post. This young man is definitely a border collie. I suggest his brain is wired to do this. 10K hours was simply a suggestion he looked askance at. Yours, mine, that guy next to you brain...no. Got the vid from catscurlyear in another post. May not be your cuppa, but the mastery is not a question.
  8. It’s a pretty wood, and probably good for sound, but it just looks ...fake. Brazilian rosewood has a natural look to it, well flamed. Indian as well, looks natural. Just never cared for cocobolo. Freeman, that is a beautiful back, good looking wood too. But there’s a look about rosewoods that this doesn’t hold a candle to, and probably one of the reasons CITES is important.
  9. Cheap Serviceable Guitar Month! Mark it in yer calendars, it’s September.
  10. “Actually a $90 guitar on sale for $57. If it's structurally sound and properly set up it might be a decent beater. I learned on a $50 Ensenada most of you would laugh at: “ Quote from Deepend. I would bet many of us here learned our first chords, found our first rhythm, played our first real song, on a guitar that years later we cringe thinking about. Mine was a Sears archtop with a cracked neck propped with a curtain hook, first chord was “C”(pretty sure), first song “”HOTRS”. But we get by. I woulda sacrificed a chicken to Ozzy for that particular guitar.
  11. You couldn’t dumb that down a bit for us dropouts, could you? Tertiary, that’s a place you go see birds, innit?
  12. I believe it’s a visual euphemism. Appropriate, I give it a thumbs up.
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