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worst repairs ever :freak:


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  • worst repairs ever :freak:

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      I would think the chain one is not a repair, just a bad idea for "cool" look.
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        These guitars need to be sent to meandi for some urgently needed TLC....
        Ant the Les Paul Lover!


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          those are some lousy repairs
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            On CList that would read. Players guitar should buff out.


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              The painted chain one reminds me of a public park bathroom.
              the city- it calls to me
              decadent scenes from my memory

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              Originally Posted by Tweedledee

              Because it was off topic. This is the Electric Guitar forum, not the nutmeg forum.

              Originally Posted by batotman

              There's only so much you can say until it gets annoying (which I found out with dog humping and puking pics).

              Originally Posted by adlo76

              Nikki Cox flavored **************** sauce.


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                That chain one is going to give some serious reverse-bucklerash.. OUCH!


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                  I predict that in a short while, one of those anti-Gibson people will come along and make a comment about Gibson quality control breaching new lows.
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                    Aslong as it works... Y'know?
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                      Clearly, gentlemen, Gibson quality control has breached new lows.
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                          Lol. Those repairs pretty much destroy any value the guitars may have had before the repair.
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                            This reminds me our old van when I was growing up. It rusted out on the side but my dad was too cheap to have it fixed so he cut out a piece of the slide from an old swingset and pop riveted it on. Very classy.
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                              If you're going to do that lousy of a job, why bother?

                              You've pretty much destroyed it at that point.

                              Some fool would buy it though, because it says Gibson on the headstock......