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  1. No would not buy it. For stands I want functional durable metal ones. That are compact when broken down and easy to set up. Wood wont cut it.
  2. Its allmost knee jerk reaction for a lot of people to say repalce stock pups. Ive found some stock pups I actually like better then most dimarzios and seymours. So thing is make up your own mind about your pups. You may like the stock ones better then some popular dimarzios or seymours. If you lke the sound of your guitar with distortion or overdrive, and the voice works fine with others your playing with in the mix. Leave as is.
  3. Since I like SG's and havent been much a fan of LP's shape. So if it was me Id keep the SG.
  4. I think he was more famous for the electronics mods he did to some of his guitars rather then for his playing. Lol.
  5. Yes if yoiu have high action, redoing for low action via truss rod and bridge adjustment would help a lot as others have indicated. But again 9's are better choice but makers like dean markley blue steel are also loweer tension strings for same gauages compared to most
  6. If you need to use tens instead of nines. Switch to a brand like dean markley blue steels. They have less tension then other strings of same gauges that ive used. resulting in need for truss rod tweak. Theyre tens are closer to most brands Ive used 9's.
  7. Marshall govner would be my pick for best brittish voice overdrive pedal. Get two, stacking the first into the 2nd one for even better. This gives the effect of cascading a marshall govner into a marshall amps overdrive channal which can be trully wonderful thing. Lol.
  8. Yeah, Id say it was a real good price from one in great condition. Congrats.
  9. Leaving keyboards turned on for long periods of time is ok. Is best to turn off when going to bed if nothing else imo. May eat a bit of electricity, but wont harm keyboard imo.
  10. My BC Rich IT warlock. I play electronica oriented stuff, esp psytrance and rave inspired along with some death and black metal type. Occassional ambient music to.
  11. The novation ultranova is avaoilable new for $699 at online stores like MF and of course thats taxfree and with free shipping. Dunno how much shipping and paypal fees would be from where you are. But asking price seems a bit high compared to what theyre available new for total cost which is $699 complete.
  12. Nice. Unfortunately a lot of the BC Rich imports dont get the resale value they should imo. If I saw one like that in some other color besides white, in a store for $250-$300 Id seriously concider snatching it up myself.
  13. A high qaulity wrap around can be as good as a high qaulity tune-o-matic in my experience. I have owned same model guitars with that single difference. However I like tune-o-matic with stop bar and tune-o-matic with string thru body better. Visual thing I geauss. Lol. If nothing else, the advantage of tune-o-matic is its easier to find replacement bridge that easilly fits. If wanting to change from chrome to black hardware for example. Or to put heavier or locking one on.
  14. At the moment I think the chinese made stuff the worse. Korean made stuff has been much better then chinese made guitars and basses of late imo.l Not familair with made in indonesia stuff myself.
  15. The frets look ok as best I can tell. Problem is in neck bow I think and truss rod problem since it wont fix that. I hope you can return it for refund.
  16. Get a guitar multi effects unit whose fave effects are very good to excellent for you. These all have stereo headphone outputs along with stereo out. Sometimes combined in one stereo output. Some of these also have an aux input that ipods, cd players, etc can be plugged into. If you dont allready have some, also get some good full range headphones. This as the basis for your at night during quiter times and when wanting lots more perceived volume. Ok, this effects unit needs to be programmed as best you can for "ready for recording" tone. Besides feeding the headphones mentions above. It will do excellent job of feeding powered studio monitors, PA systems via their mixer input, and even full range computer speakers whose sound you like for music playback. Makes for excellent and most of the time, much fuller & richer sounding monitor rig then most little guitar combo amps. Excellent for dorm rooms, apts, and even live use via going thru house PA.
  17. If he's really of the fundy side, then he's a hypocrite pastor. If not is maybe an ok one. Lol.
  18. $400 is very excellent price for it imo. Easilly holds up to anything else in its price range and even to guitars in the $600 and under range imo.
  19. Yes was rather poor performance and show. I couldnt even watch the whole thing. Watched less then half of it. It was that bad to me.
  20. Nice, but the neck somehow looks wider then normal for Jacksons. Maybe its the headstock and body giving that impression?
  21. No. If your not doing anything that wants the tone change fingerstyle gives. And if your not playhing anything that requires fingerstyle to do it. Theres no reason to learn fingerstyle. One could create a pickstyle version of a peice that might usuually be played fingerstyle too imo. While fingerstyle tone can sound nice, I just much prefer the voice that picks give. However I dont use the pick in a traditional way. Instead of useing the sharper point I use either of the two wider more rounded sides. And edge of fingers holding pick are sometimes used fairly freq as part of the string manipulation along with the pick.
  22. Grovers are better tuners imo and experience. Grover tuners also started be used for upgrades by gibson owners back in the 70's.
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