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  1. For sale, audited trios of NOS Mullard AC-128K germanium PNP transistors for Tonebender Professional MKII circuit (OC75 version). These sound great for lower gain Tonebender builds or what ever fuzz might strike your fancy. Offers and trades considered. You don't often see Mullards anymore, particularly ones you know the gain and leakage before you buy. I'm asking $14.00 per set postage paid in the USA, paypal accepted. Offers and trades considered as well. Overseas I'll need to add a little more to cover postage. Langrex is selling these for about $9.50 each pluss postage right now, for comparison. First come first serve on which set you want. Contact me first (modellurker at yahoo dot com) to reserve a set, then I'll give you the payment info. PM is also fine, but I check my e-mail more regularly. I'm lowbrow on pretty much all the ideal/guitar and amp forums, and Indychamps on ebay. I've got a good trading history on Harmony Central and the gear page and 100% positive feedback on ebay. Set Q1 Q2 Q3 (source -9.62V) 6 62/275 77/279 89/320 7 60/243 77/283 88/518 8 60/283 74/437 87/400 10 53/311 73/279 84/315 13 69/340 78/388 93/429 14 69/336 76/316 91/405 15 65/247 75/227 83/352 16 63/243 73/295 81/344 http://lowbroweffects.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IMG_1278-1024x817.jpg
  2. I've studied and experimented with the Fz-1 circuit extensively to understand how and why they worked like they did. I managed to tracked down enough original (and quite rare) 2N270 transistors to select the optimal gains and leakage to build a clone so I could use it in comparison and tuning of further Fz-1 clones. This one was built with NOS 60's RCA 2N408 germanium PNP transistors, the direct replacement large signal RF power section transistor RCA came up with to replace the 2N270 used in the original pedal. Modifications from the original are: 1) a power isolation, voltage converter and regulator circuit allows you to use a standard tip negative, sleeve positive (Boss style) power supply. No battery clip included. 2) The switching circuit is true bypass with indicator LED 3) A 50K linear taper pot replaces the stock 50K audio taper pot in the attack control to make it easier to dial in the settings you want. Hand built and hand painted with oven baked enamel by myself, I make these one at a time. The inside is signed, dated and serialized and has my contact e-mail should it ever need service. Here are a couple photos. Followed by a clip. I'm not the player most of you are, obviously, but it should give you an idea of the sound. The clip was done with a Gibson SG equipped with BurstBucker Pros into a stock 80's Fender Champ 12 with the EQ set flat and the bright switch pulled. I used a Edirol / Roland R-09HR Portable High-Resolution Audio Recorder set about a foot in front of the amp with the compression, bass cut and limiter all on. Not the ideal set up, I understand, but it's what I have to use at the moment. $125 paypaled and shipped in the US. Contact me for a shipping quote for outside the US please. The rates have gone up quite a bit recently. Clip
  3. Actually, a MIM Fender strat guard will fit perfectly. There will be two or three places where the screw holes don't line up (Truly, because the Peavey guard doesn't use those screws), but that's it. The guards Guitar Fetish sells also fit perfectly. I'd get this but I just can't justify a fourth Predator
  4. For me, Mouser and Tayada orders take about the same time to arrive. Tayada may take a day or two longer. As an aside, I tried their enclosures for the first time recently and will be switching to them. Excellent value.
  5. Well, if you tire of looking for a affordable original, or a reissue, I can always fix you up with a nice clone
  6. Oh and the trimmer looks like its about where it needs to be, so i'd wager its all good. The knob I lableded fuzz was labeled attack on the originals. Probably a mistake on my part because its all fuzz all the time with these. That knob, to some degree, effects the timbre of the fuzz tone but it also influences how the pedal responds to changes in guitar volume and pick attack. If you search FZ-1 on YouTube you'll hear plenty of demos, including a original recorded in 1962. Note how it sounds and reacts nothing like, say, a Fuzz Face.
  7. That's a charge pump and voltage regulator circuit. The originals ran on two 1.5 volt AA batteries (3 volts). The later FZ-1a ran on a single AA battery.
  8. I've got a clone of the Bigfoot Magnavibe. Built and hand painted by myself. Would love to trade for something interesting. I particularly like fuzz. Anybody?
  9. Sometimes you get a string that just isn't right...if it intonated before, and you went up in size, I'd recommend you replace that string and try again.
  10. They don't get a lot of love on line, probably because of the dirt channel, but the red knob Champ 12 from the late 80's/early 90's are a pretty damn good value in my book. The digital reverb is kinda weak, but the clean channel is good, there is a bright switch, it's all tube (single ended 6L6), it's got a 12" speaker and is small and light. Prices on these have been climbing on ebay, but if you're patient and a little but lucky you can still land one for not much more than $200 plus shipping. I found my second one (sold the first) in a pawn shop this time last year for $90 and it's almost dead mint.
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