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Fender American Standard Stratocaster or Gibson SG Standard?


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  • Fender American Standard Stratocaster or Gibson SG Standard?

    Which would you recommend between these two?

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    They are so different you can't really compare. Both are great. Comes down to preference.

    One of each?


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      Totally different necks, pickups, tones, styles about the only thing similar would be the weight I think. You'll just get a whole bunch of opinions with a question like this. If you personally want to choose between these two you need to go to a store and plug each one into an amp and try them.
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        I think the Fender Strat is the best looking, and most comfortable, guitar shape out there. Being able play pickups as single coils or humbuckers you also get quite a versatile instrument. After market parts abound, and you have the option of swapping out the bolt on neck too if you ever need to.

        I would go with the Strat, but I really don't know what you should do.


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          I voted for the Strat...

          A strat with hss configuration can give you a lot of usable tones for gigging or practice.... BUT if you are looking for a HUMBUCKER sound... SG could do the trick.... but a LP would be better (imho)

          Good Luck!

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            I'd rather have an SG myself but I'm biased. oke:

            It depends on what you want. I prefer the smaller scale and feel of an SG. Strats can be heavy and not as comfortable for me.
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              Depends whether you prefer Strats or SGs, dunnit?

              Both decent versions of all-time classics, so it's all down to what your own ears and fingers tell you.

              I voted 'Strat' ... but that's because I prefer Strats.

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              everyone has different gear and stuff like this tends to be quite subjective.

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                If I had to have only one guitar, it would be a strat...

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                  SG for me.


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                    Not even a contest here these are like asking do you like purple or orange? They are far apart as all things electric guitars are conserned.

                    I picked stratocaster because I like them the best of ANY guitar and thats what gets me playing but play a few of each and you will quickly figure out between the two which one suits your playing style.
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                      There's the telecaster also. You have the single coils to give you good cleans, but the bridge pup on a tele will bring the AC/DC rock tone better than a Strat.
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                        its like asking would you like an apple for lunch
                        or an orange..

                        i dig both.. i think you need both to enjoy a complete tonal lunch..
                        although i like LPs much more then SG..
                        Electric Cowbell.. meh...

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                          Have never owned either of them - though I wouldn't turn my nose up at either of them.

                          As everyone else says, it's down to whatever floats your boat.


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                            i own a g&l legacy and don't like sg's, so i voted strat.


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