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  1. I've just realised this place still exists. Think it must be quite a few years since I was last here!
  2. Am I the only one who, on reading the thread title, thought to himself "Epiphone Entourage? Haven't heard of that model. I'll check it out" ?
  3. Thanks for sharing the vid - ages since I've seen this. Great to hear these tunes again - must dig out my old vinyl.
  4. Not for me either, sorry. Nothing against RGs - had one of my own for a while and it was an impressive instrument - but I'd feel really silly holding that.
  5. lol Must say though that I do seem to prick a finger or two more often than not these days. No big deal, but I'm sure I didn't do that so much once upon a time. Maybe I'm just getting clumsier in my old age.
  6. Ditto. Ditto again. Very impressive playing by all. .
  7. That sounds about right for me too - allowing for the conversion to British money. I think the gains after that are mostly aesthetic rather than musical. Nothing wrong with wanting a bit of bling or a fancy top but understated minimalism does it for me so I can't imagine spending more than 2k max - and so far 1.5k is about the most I've spent on a guitar. (Strangely enough I spent a fair bit more than that on a saxophone this year - always wanted one since I leaned to play clarinet as a kid and a bargain came up on eBay that I couldn't resist).
  8. Maybe in your circles but no, in my experience that's not true at all. For most people it's not usually a big deal unless used to excess.
  9. There are some very good points in that first video but man, he needs to tighten up his presentation. Waffling, restating the same thing multiple times, going off on a tangent and losing the thread; I kept wanting to shout "get on with it dude". Haven't watched the second yet as I seem to be having issues trying to get it to play Edit: Got the second to play in the end. Good stuff. He's better (clearer) with a guitar in his hand.
  10. You may say that. I couldn't possibly comment
  11. I take your point re not being able to get the sounds you're interested in from an acoustic - if acoustic music isn't your bag - and I also strongly believe you should start out with an instrument that's as easy to play as possible. However there is a danger if you get an electric and a bunch of effects that you can fool yourself that you can play when you really can't. I should know; I managed to get away with having almost no skills at all in my first band. (As long as you call it avant-garde, experimental rock/jazz fusion you can fool quite a lot of the people quite a lot of the time).
  12. Looking beautiful (and I'm sure interest hasn't diminished) Love to see a whole body shot of her - or is she too shy to show us that?
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