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  1. I paid $1000 for a LP Custom in 1979. I was making 5000 a year. Now they cost 4000. I make a lot more than 20000.
  2. That video is 3 years old. You have to have kids to keep up with what's current.
  3. I bought my 2014 Les Paul Custom last July and it plays and sounds great. I never think about the Richlite fretboard - it a non-issue. I played a 2012 several times over the course of a couple of years in the music store and knew what I was getting.There's way too many haters out there who couldn't tell the difference but are too afraid to admit it.
  4. If I was able to post using the REPLY window you would see the links to my music. Unfortunately, the admins have not been able fix this problem after 3 weeks.
  5. I'm on US keyboard but still cannot enter text in the Reply boxes. I can do titles and comments but no reply boxes on either new or existing threads. Any other ideas? I've cleared cookies, rebooted etc but no luck. Been like this for 2 weeks. No problem in any other BBS.
  6. Your voice is fine.. get a warmer sounding mic take bigger breaths before you sing those long chorus parts
  7. Les Paul Custom last July. Don't need any more guitars. Those who can afford them will buy them. They are a luxury item, plain and simple.
  8. You are born with the tone you have. Just have fun and enjoy singing. And autotune is fine for recordings but if you ever want to sing live you need to work on your pitch so it isn't cringe worthy
  9. Played a few of his tunes in the 70's along with Rockpile and the like. Was big into British at the time.
  10. Good luck selling it - only a collector would buy it so it may be a hard sell.
  11. 6, take the best one and comp the rest
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