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  1. Over 6 years ago I bought a Mackie Onyx 400F based on one of Craig's first ever pro-reviews... amazingly it's still on the first page as of today! During a very productive drum recording session last saturday, the drummer accidentally threw it on the floor (thank you rack ears... should have removed them a long time ago... never figured they could be removed until now) and something went bad inside. It's dead and beyond repair now... (I figure the warranty is long gone) So I decided to trust Craig once again and bought the Octa-capture! Really neat little box, much prefer the size, and yet it's got 4 extra preamps! Will miss the dual headphone outs though, now I have to get a headphone amp. At least it's got some juice! Auto-sens is nice, though it seems to air on the safe side (with peaks topping at about 6dB, but better be safe than sorry, especially in 24bits). Only reliable comparison I've been able to do so far is a direct recording of my guitar to re-amp in Guitar Rig 4 and the difference is interesting. Using the same guitar, same cable, and trying to match the signal level as closely as possible, the new tracks have an extra clarity to them, but the Mackie ones sound a bit "fatter". Amazingly, the Roland has a lower input impedance on the high-z setting (740k vs 1M), which from experience would have cause the opposite effect. Sad thing is I can't say whether it's the Roland being "hyped" or the Mackie lacking detail. But based on Craig's testing, I would assume the Roland is the most accurate one. Then it dawned upon me: I've always been struggling with slightly distorted high-hats, I always blamed the room or the mic (though when renting high-end mics it did sound better). Could it be... during all those years... it was actually my interface not doing a good job on cymbals? I won't get to tracks drums for few weeks, but now I can't wait! I'll report back on my findings (using same room and mics)! Tomorrow night I'm tracking bass, can't wait to see if the low-end is as solid as Craig says! Oh yeah: driver installation was so easy (I didn't bother with the CD and went straight to their website, but turns out I already had 1.50 in there) it was almost anti-climactic! That's with 2 PCs (a Vista 32-bit laptop, and a Win 7 64-bit uber powerful desktop). Also, no physical button for mic pre gain is a bit of an annoyance... on the other hand no more messing with them by mistake, and I can save settings and recall them!
  2. Last weekend I dropped a Duncan Custom 5 I had laying around into my RGX520FZ.. holy crap, my american Strat stayed on the stayed for almost the whole gig. Sounds amazing. I was pleasantly surprised with the wiring job too, very clean, and conductive paint in every cavity. I had to disconnect the Tone control though as it was bleeding off way too much high-end. I will be installing a pair of CTS 500K pots with a better cap soon. What amazes me the most about my RGX520FZ is how I can play it all night long without "feeling" the guitar. I don't know if I'm saying this right... see the Gibson Les Paul I was always fighting to get it to sound good, upper fret access was horrible, it was heavy. The RGX just plays itself and has the perfect weight.
  3. Or some bass amps Is there gonna be a bean at all ? Someone mentioned on another forum, and I think it makes sense, that the future is with plug-ins for direct recording, hence why they do the floorboard version first. Anyway, if you just want to play with headphones around the house, the HD300 is cheap enough. I know I'll probably keep using Amplitube 3 for recording even after I get the HD400, but I'm curious how well the HD will fare as a USB recording interface. And I do hope they will come out with an HD version of Toneport software. Having the DSP done on the host computer means they can use the new modelling on this existing hardware!
  4. This. L6 should have put in an "amp model" called "clean mic preamp" that does nothing but pass the signal with no modeling just to keep clueless people from freaking out over this issue. I've seen several net hissy fits over it already. I guess it's because most guitarists don't understand what a preamp is when it comes to microphones. But I guess a simple tube preamp model could have been nice, but maybe it can be approximated using one of the amp models (without cab sim) or effects. Another "net hissy fit" I've noticed is people going crazy over the inability to use 3rd party IR (impulse responses). The problem is they're all assuming the Pod HD uses IR technology for cab sim, which is not necessarily the case. And on top of that, when recording you can simply turn the cab sim off and use your favorite IR plug in. Modern computers have low enough latency to make it work (I do this when slaving tube amp, works incredibly well). If you think 3rd party IR support is necessary for live gigs, you're focusing way too much on the details. I honestly don't feel like paying extra for this feature. One thing that has been missing from Pods in the past was the ability to use the "live out" to an amp, while keeping the real full tilt digital modelling for cab and mic sim to the XLR outs (using the dual output function would usually apply basic analog cab sim to the XLR outs). The fact that this new one splits live and "studio" outputs to left and right makes me think the studio output might be the real deal! One mic less to set up! Just hope I can turn on cab sim without the amp model, so I can even use it with my real amp. I guess relays to switch amp channels would have been nice for those wishing to use it as an FX unit only (like the Boss GT8 and similar), something they did think about considering the "FX Only" master switch. However, my amp is single channel so me I don't care! I'll probably use it that way and bypass the loop (and therefore my preamp) to add "extra channels" to my amp
  5. No vocal pre-amps sucks Why have a mic input then >: It still preamps your microphone. What it doesn't have is preamp modelling. And anyway those never made sense: if you're in the studio recording with a Neve, you don't put it between the board and the ADC, you use it AS your preamp, hence the name. No emulation will add the missing details from the chipamp preamp, which is the whole point of a quality preamp. When doing vocals with my Toneport I always ended up using no preamp model, they were nothing more than added distortion and over the top EQing. I used them for extra effect sparsely, that's it. Surely something you can still do with amp models and effects. That said, I'm sure it was nice to warm up some acoustic patch. We'll see what the Pod HD can do for that
  6. Since you won't be tracking live drums, you shouldn't need more than 2 channels. Therefore concentrate on getting the best quality, not the most feature. Also, mic preamp is important. A good mic is only as good as the preamp driving it. So you can whether go for an audio interface with an emphasis on good preamp, or buy an external preamp. However, don't bother buying an external preamp if you're going to cheap out. For example, I have a Mackie Onyx audio interface (the old 400F) and while the preamps won't beat a Neve unit, they are at least on par with most sub-500$ mic preamps. Oh, and stay away from Line6. I like toying with their software sim, but the analog circuitry in their interface is really average. The included software can't fix that: you can add overdrive and compression to a signal, but you can't add back the details that the preamp didn't pass along. The difference between it and my Mackie is night and day, and it's still not pro gear.
  7. ROFL. Epic, epic thread. Seriously! I had missed that one and I just LOLed for 5 minutes straight So, someome is on a mparsons fails spree? Looking for that t-shirt model picture?
  8. My Boss TU-2 is my only non-true-bypass pedal, I use it as the buffer to drive the pedalboard
  9. Anybody willing to give me some advice on the motherboard? Anything with at least a P45 chipset, firewire, and nothing you don't need (I stay away from the "Deluxe" version, often twice the price for stuff I won't use). The basic P5-somethin by Asus has been my mainstay for the last few years (currently P5K, the P45 version is P5Q I think). Of course, I'm only a casual gamer and use a fairly low-resolution display (1360X768) so I don't need SLI or Crossfire support (though my P5K does support the latter). And I keep my mobo within its spec (1333FSB... the CPU is overclocked but not the mobo) so don't need fancy cooling.
  10. - I use on-board Firewire and have zero problem. As a matter of fact, I used this as an excuse to upgrade my motherboard last year (now sporting a Asus P5K) cause it was just 100$ more than a Firewire card - I don't really see why you'd need more than 400w. That system shouldn't draw more than 200w under load. - Does it really matter if the CPU is not one of the latest pieces? I know the Q6600 for example is being discontinued, but not because it's bad, simply because they are switching to 1333FSB and 45nm production, but the newer ones have less cache in the lower-speed ranges. And the Q6600 is fun cause if you set your mobo to 1333FSB, you get a 3.0GHz Quad Core . (overclocking is really that simple) Sure the new 65W Quads are nice, but I wouldn't pay the premium... not until the 35W come out and the 65W drop another hundred. If you look at the CPU price charts, you will always notice a point of diminishing return. That is, when the additionnal increase in price is way more than the additionnal increase in speed. I never buy any higher than just before that point. Same goes for hard drives and RAM density.
  11. Cool, then I can always get that Asus card in case I find the other one to be too noisy! Thanks so much ! If you do find the computer to be noisy, the card might not necessarily be the culprit actually I was checking a website that tried a bunch of different cards, including a 9800GTX (a bit more powerful than the 9800GT in your system), and the system was within a dB of a passive card (ATI 3450). It takes some clever listening to identify the principal culprit of a noisy system. I remember when I started silencing mine. I thought the case fan on medium speed was inaudible, the video card was getting on my nerves though so I changed to a passive one. Then the whirring on the CPU fan became more present so I changed to a better HSF (Scythe Andy Samurai, an older model), then I realized the case fan was in fact audible so I set it to low (I put it back to medium speed when I'm gaming), now my hard drive was making itself apparent, so I switched to a newer WD model. The thing is, solving one problem simply made another one more audible! I'm happy that my case fan is a big 120mm one and has 3 speeds, cause when it's on full, my computer sounds like an airplane! But the point is: maybe the video card won't be so bad after all, they've made some progress apparently!
  12. Benjamin Button with 13 nominations Dark Knight with 8 Wrestler with 2 :arg: Haven't seen the Button movie yet. But I'm a closet Brad Pitt fan (mostly because of Fight Club)
  13. Both pretty much 'made' their respective movies, so I can go with that. For sure, I just never imagined Tropic Thunder would even be considered by the academy! It's also a bit ironic that he gets a nomination considering what the role was... but then, he was somehow mocking his own self! I re-watched TDK yesterday (5-6th time). It's really a kick ass movie. I noticed Bale was in the movie only the 3rd time I watched it. And I still do not mourn Rachel. Damn, change of actress and the character was still useless.
  14. Good stuff But the big surprise for me is Downey Jr for his role in... ... ... Tropic Thunder! We'll see if the academy thinks he went full retard or not.
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