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Today, a guy told me that people who buy more than one good guitar got no talent

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  • Today, a guy told me that people who buy more than one good guitar got no talent

    and hope the new guitars will make them play better.

    I would have punched him right in the beezer with my talentless hands .... but I had a Musicians Friend catalog in em at the time....
    "If you play guitar, you are a friend."

    "Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country."

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    Depends on what guitar you bought first.
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      well, some people like playing guitars and some like buying them. Different strokes. Me, I like playing and writing music, and this doesn't require really playing a lot of guitar so instead I get to buy guitars.


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        Was he from this band?

        Mazi Bee Militia!
        JJ Pistols Kickfụck Brigade
        My gear list is in serious need of an update...


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          Some people like to make stupid generalizations......nothing new about that.

          not too mention just about every legendary guitarist in history has multiple high end guitars....so logic obviously isn't this guy's strong point.


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            I find that different instruments are like different brushes to a painter. Some are fat and bold and some are tiny and thin. Anyway. That's what I think.
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              Maybe not, but I got a whole lot of really fine guitars!
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                Today, a guy told me that people who buy more than one good guitar got no talent

                Equally true is that folks that make such sweeping generalizations are idiots.

                Darnit... I just did it, too.

                Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius:

                "When it comes to gear vs talent I'll be the first to admit that I sit in the Mayor's seat in Poserville."


                • #9
                  Well that can't be true because I only have one guitar
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                    I find that different instruments are like different brushes to a painter. Some are fat and bold and some are tiny and thin. Anyway. That's what I think.

                    Exactly, which explains why Rembrandt was such a no talent loser. He needed more than one brush to do a painting.
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                      I got talent for buying guitars...
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                      • #12
                        Yeah. SRV and Page don't got no talent


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                          He's got a point.
                          I've bought and sold between 60-80 guitars over the last 3 years trying to prove or disprove the notion that if I find a beautiful enough shredder guitar, I will be instantaneously able to play like Reb Beach and/or Dan Huff.

                          I think I've mostly disproved it. But the point is, I pinned my hopes on the guitar, not on practicing.
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                            I find that different instruments are like different brushes to a painter. Some are fat and bold and some are tiny and thin. Anyway. That's what I think.

                            +1 Even if you use thousands of dollars worth of rack equipment, you're not going to make a Les Paul, sound quite like a Rickenbacker 360. Also, none of my other guitars sounds, or plays quite like my Danelectro MOD 7, 7-string. I were to stick to the playing philosophy, Mr. "You Only Need One Good Guitar If You Have Talent" espouses, it would be a real pain on stage. There would be delays for retuning for alternate tunings - even moreso for tunings that are better handled by 7-string guitaris, such as Drop A. Standard 6-string guitars don't handle tuningls like those, without major setup changes. Changing back and forth between standard tuning, and say Drop A tuning (which I tune my 7-string to), would engender all sorts of problems with a regular 6 string guitar, such as sloppy playing (and sounding) low strings, and neck relief changes. To top it off, to keep from losing the higher register notes, while playing a standard 6 string in Drop A, would require some tunings that while they may be fun to do, could be limited for playing certain intervalic passages on guitar.

                            Nah, Mr. "Having Any More Than One Good Guitar Shows A Lack Of Talent" is pretty limited in his thinking. Sure, you can't change from being a talentless hack, into a guitar phenom, without practicing, and instead, buying guitars, out of the hope that the guitar you buy wil turn you into a good player. But, the guy must be assuming that everybody only plays in one genre of music, with one set guitar tone (and level of distortion for that matter), and never varies their playing, sound, and music styles. If that were the case (like say, only wanting to sound like every guitar on Boston's first album), then yeah, I'd probably only need one guitar. But, that's definitely not the case for me.

                            Also, even with the above thoughts in mind, why should I have only one good guitar? I should forgo buying a decent sounding and playing guitar, that fulfills the purpose I want it for, and buy a guitar that's not as good, just because I already have a good guitar in my arsenal, and shouldn't "waste my money" on buying another good guitar? That's silly!
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                              wow they couldn't wait to get off stage. This should give everyone hope who thinks they have no talent.