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  1. This snare is a great choice for most kind of rock music. It's loud and somewhat aggressive to cut through heavy distortion. It can back off somewhat and is articulate for busier passages. I received compliments at nearly every live and studio gig I used it. The volume is great for unmiked gigs but may be a bit much in the studio or some smaller venues. People who prefer a dry drum sound will likely want to use some muffling heads or external muffling. Overall, I owned this drum for about 10 years and played it for thousands of hours. I had to sell it because I wasn't drumming at the time and needed money, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up in good used condition. I may opt for a black nickel brass snare next time just because I'm not playing the heavy/aggressive music I used to, but it's a wonderful drum and great value.
  2. I play a lot of music, from blues to indie rock to some heavier stuff. It works very well for all styles of music and at this price is a must-have. I've been playing for 12 years and would definitely buy this again and recommend it to friends. With this sound quality and price, it's definitely a "10"!
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