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  1. Thanks for the review Craig. Other than the manual this is the best info out there on this unit. Is it possible to record a guitar, mic and use the drum machine simultaneously? Or do you need to pre-record the drums to do that?
  2. are you trying to collect all colors? why don't you just sell one and buy one at prymaxe?
  3. I've got 3 new fuzzes coming this week including this one. If it' doesn't blow me away compared to the other two I'll sell it to you (or someone!).
  4. el capistan - wet/dry mix always sounded off to me - also the unlabeled secret knob functions pissed me off. screwdriver also. timmy - actually liked the TOD a lot better.
  5. Well, I bought it from and will sell it to you for 20 bucks less! (timelines just went up for sale and all)
  6. Does he come with the amp or is that extra? I always think it's silly to post these sort of pics, but he honestly would not get out of the picture.
  7. You know you have a guitar problem when you start asking questions like this.
  8. Looking to sell or will accept trades. It's a front-eq (bass mid treble eq/boost), morning glory (tweaked bluesbreaker circuit), and astro mess fuzz, all of which you can find demos for on youtube. Stacks really cool and the eq makes the od and fuzz 10x as versatile. I paid 400+ so would like to get 250 cash, or I'll entertain offers but not for much lower. Thanks folks! This is a byoc marshall bluesbreaker clone with a nice powdercoated finish. great and lively sounding overdrive! $55 or trades
  9. Yeah i just checked and it's not the same. Does anyone know which model it's based on? 1 Duncan Designed
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