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What's your favorite or recommended 1 x 12 combo amp?


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  • What's your favorite or recommended 1 x 12 combo amp?

    Title says it all. I just think it's time to survey the crew on this.

    Take all things into consideration that are important to you, whether that be tube/solid state, affordable/mid/upper-end/or boutique.

    I was just thinking about my 1 x 12 buddies and think there's something missing. It could be that I would be nominating my old Fender Super 112. Great clean and more modern over drive tones, but it was unfortunately also by far the least dependable amp I ever bought.

    So I'm curious what the crowd would float these days.
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    I'm gassin' for a Boogie Mark V at the moment.

    Also, a Lazy J 20 is on my short list:


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      Of those that are in production, the Rivera Chubster. I play the earlier incarnation the R55-12, and it's vary good sounding and versatile as well


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        Over the past year, I've grown bored with this amp, and that's a good thing. It never surprises me, and I'm never fighting it. I just set it on clean, roll the Volume as high as it will go, EQ at 12 o'clock, Reverb at 2 or 3, the Master at whatever, and then it seems like I'm never more than a quarter turn away from getting exactly the sound I need at all times. I like that.
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          The cleans are not for everyone,but a Zinky Blue Velvet is what I have.

          Great amp,and Pimp Daddy Smoove.

          I have played a Rivera Clubster,another great amp
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            Peavey Bandit Trans Tube. So much for so little $.


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              Mesa boogie f-30.

              Great tones, loud enough for gigging, silent recording function, a great reverb. Overall a great plug and play amp.. Only needs delay.
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                I just bought a Fender Princeton 112 Plus. It may be not the best amp ever created, but for some reason the clean tone really agrees with me and I like its looks. It's lightweight, and you can't get more affordable. It sounds really great as is but I'm thinking I might see if an Eminence Red, White, and Blues puts it over the top.

                not my video but it was easier than finding a pic:

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                  VHT Special 6 Ultra should also be on the list for a great value. Tube amp, attenuator, effects loop, essentially three channels.
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                    the only 1x12 combos i have any experience with are the Peavey C30 and the Crate VC3112... i'll take my Crate EVERY time...
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                      listen...and this is w/ a $109 stock squier bullet tele

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                        Peavy Classic 30
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                          Well, it depend on wht kind of budget were talking about. Ifi here's no limit then I think the Tone King Metropolitan would be my first choice. My Electra dyne is a 1x12 but It as big as a 2x12 so it is hard to recommend when talking about more portable 1x12s.

                          For a more modest budget I'm quite thrilled with my Ampeg GVT 15. Tons of character, loves pedals, spring reverb, and an FX loop. Everything I need in a 1x12 combo.


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                            Bogner Shiva.


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                              Well I have my Fender DRRI for over 2 years now and still love it. This is the longest I have been with an amp. Great cleans and takes pedals great.
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