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  1. Yeah, to chime in....Andy used the EH Electric Mistress and not a chorus.
  2. I have a few "endorsement" deals at the moment. I put that in quotes because I'm not a big name player. I've got some cool stuff on my resume`, and that has helped. These days, gear companies expect you to have a big online presence, particularly with social media (I don't really have the time for that, frankly). Most companies are not giving stuff away for free. I just made a deal with a company whose gear I've been using on the road for over 2 years, and I absolutely love their products. However, upgrading to their higher model is still just outside of my budget, even with "artist pricing" (hey, I've got a family and a mortgage). Despite that, I'm grateful for their help and support.
  3. I'm and on/off member of the AFM in NYC, but it's expensive, and it really just feels like I pay them dues and they do nothing for me. It's necessary for Broadway, and that's the only reason I keep joining when I get pit work. Otherwise, no thanks.
  4. But this club owner (and many more than just him, I suspect) still inserts "are you doing this for fun?" in there. Ask him if HE is. Ask him if his beer distributor is, and on and on down the line. The answer is invariably going to be NO. Yes, I understand that that is just the way things are these days, but I say forget this guy.
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