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  1. sorry for your loss(es). they look like they were good companions. you will see them again.
  2. thanks for the responses - it's the bb preamp. our music style is light jazzy rock, and some classic rock. running a LP into a Mesa Mk3. looking to get setup on the guitar with the bridge pickup setup a little more trebly and airy, the neck pickup a very slight breakup and more bassy. both of these tones are mostly pretty clean - like a Deluxe if you aren't that familiar. that's on the R1 channel. R2 breaks up fast - gets very nice distortion. i don't get much of a singing lead there. the lead channel screams. think Metallica on steroids. i would like to dial in something that (a) doesn't increase the volume. i can do that with my guitar controls. (b) looking for a breakup setting between say Led Zep 1 and the harder Eagles sound. if someone can explain more fully the effects the pedal setting apply to the tones, i would appreciate it.
  3. just picked one of these up after seening a few Andy Timmons demos/videos - playing a LP into a Mesa Mk 3. any suggested settings or unexpected (good/bad) tone changes you have experienced ?
  4. i have a strat with the blue/red/silver combo ... i use it to try to get closer to the Gilmour and Clapton tones and i really like them for most things strat-wise. most people put the blue which is closer to a HB in the bridge ... i put it in the neck to get a really fat 'woman tone' for bluesy runs. i usually play the 2 and 4 positions for a lot of rhythm and it does fine. the red in the bridge will scream. i like them a lot.
  5. many funny comments ... and mostly exactly accurate. obviously, the RS people never heard of jazz. and until i started listening closely, i never realized how much better most of the guys i listen to sound than almost everyone on this list. so ... if i only look at popular rockers ... it;s a decent list. otherwise, purely entertainment.
  6. i agree with the previous posters concerning a string change. i thought my j-45 was a 'little dull' but i attributed that to old strings. most of the recommendations for that guitar suggested .013s ... i went with medium light .012s ... i like them. i do like to play a lot open chordings and play 'up the neck' a little so ... i think a major consideration for you should be your playing style. i do know that if i was some sort of finger picker i probably would have ended up with a different guitar ... but i've got a keeper to my ears. of course, it could be laziness and being older that keeps me in this guitar ... not that completely particular concerning the sound ... or maybe not
  7. that was a little rough commenting there IMO. however, i must admit that i have been playing off and on for 30+ years and ... on your guitar format= acoustic with 13s i would have a problem and i have huge and very strong hands. i have looked for a good acoustic i could play up and down the fretboard for decades - haven;t seen one i could afford yet. CG ... you might want to consider one of those hand grip thingys to develop more grip power - i can't hold many barres above the 5th fret on most acoustics ... what guitar do you play btw ... just curious ! i think i had a Gibson from the early 50s once in my hands that i could play some jazzy chords up to the 10th fret ... i believe they wanted 10K for that one ... i quickly handed it back before i had committed a crime by dropping it or something.
  8. thanks to everyone who has responded. i feel a lot more comfortable about my knowledge about this stuff. i am not into it nor would i ever be - i have enough pain in my art without getting physical pain involved for decorating my skin. several of my college friends and many fraternity brothers over the years have gotten tattooed. most of my exposure was on the beach watching some semi-fine ass girl walk by with (what i still think of as) {censored} ME HERE written in some Oriental symbol just above her ass crack. More recently, as some of my exposure has increased to some of the local immigrants, i have notices several women getting their names tattooed on the side or back of their necks. by the way, i've seen ALL of the tattoo fail pics/posters - i collect those demotivational posters and they are the best. i don;t have any particular affinity for or against them. my recent personal experience is at a local block party in the old downtown. i wandered into the popular bar for a water and a very pretty young lady started flirting a little. i flirted back - really intrigued because she had a very cool almost floor length skirt with a long slit down the side. not overtly sexual, really stylish. and very nice legs. after a few minutes, she spun around a little more and i noticed her leg was tattooed wither with a dragon or a snake. very elaborate. started around the ankle and ... well i could see to mid-thigh it was still going strong. i must admit i'm curious about the ending. she's an artist - some sort of glass-blower/sculptor. i hope is see her later in the summer with a little less clothing ...
  9. okay, i don;t have any tattoos and don;t plan on getting any. Several of my son's friends have one or more. none are prison tats, yet none come anywhere near what i think would be considered "art" - you know a pretty sleeve or an "integrated" set of tats. Okay - how much does this cost in your area, and how much have you personally spent in your life and at one time ? Obviously, if you have only one tat ... one payment. however, i don't think many of you have gotten multiple tats at one sitting, and i bet some take several sittings. educate a tat dunce. thanks.
  10. ok so I just read my info again. on the actual signed realese waiver from the clinic it doesnt mention MDMA, just coke, meth, amphetamines, pcp and weed. on their sheet and my works it said that the test will be able to detect ingestion of drugs AS FAR BACK as 90 days. as they said above - once your hair grows, and you are clean, it is clean - unlike a piss or blood test which keeps heavier circulation but over a shorter time if you DID NOT cut your hair.
  11. i prefer plain tops too i don't mind a good flame top though damn - i LOVE that.
  12. It is great when you find "THE" guitar. It does tend to ruin it when you think you want another guitar only to find they do not live up the the expectation that you have from playing "the one". amen. all i have to do is pick up my old LP deluxe, 335, or am. strat and bye bye GAS. plugged into the LSC or Mk IIIs ... bye bye Amp acquisitions. hook up the vertical 2x12 - see ya later cab desires. it's helped my bank account to settle down with the gear.
  13. I have the remains of a Stewmac tele rebuild kit for the wiring and switches ... the 3 way switch, one pot, and a bunch small wires and screws. will send to anyone in the continental US lower 48 ON MY DIME ... you just gotta tell me where and pass on some mojo to someone else !
  14. yes, they are a gateway to the soul ... especially West Coast Blues and Bumpin' on Sunset ...
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