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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 8-15-12


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    All prices shipped ConUS(international at your expense, usps priority), usps money order or paypal.

    As for trades, feel free to offer what you have. I'd be particularly interested in:
    Lumpy's Tone Shop MKII (possibly other Tone Benders by him)
    Cool MKI Tone Benders
    Dice Works Pedals (Not Muff Divers/Finale/Dice-O-Matic)
    NKT-213 loaded buzzaround

    As some of you know, I'm a bit of an EHX enthusiast. The Electric Mistress, IMO, is one of the coolest effects ever produced. I have a ton of these old crusty flange boxes, so it's time to set a few free into the wild. These are all unmodded and original as far as I can tell. I will reference these by numbers 1-3 corresponding to the number in the pictures. 2 and 3 are identical to my eye.

    #1 Electric Mistress. $425 shipped.

    #2 Electric Mistress. $375 shipped.

    #3 Electric Mistress. $375 shipped.

    Analogman EHX Big Box Deluxe Memory Man. Hard wired version from the 90's. Just got it back from AM with his full range of mods. Slight hiss at longer delay time, but that comes with the extended delay time and you can down the time to eliminate the hiss. $415 shipped.

    EHX Space Drum. This is a funky one, I understand the Clash utilized these a bit back in the day. It basically makes different sounds as you hit the pad with a drum stick. Throw in some effects and it gets wild. I believe the battery snap has been replaced but other than that it is original. $200 shipped.

    V1 Small Stone. Recently fixed by Ronsound and added a boss style power jack. Sounds really great and wouldn't be selling if I didn't have another. Someone carved a number in the top, probably before I was born. $155 shipped.

    Strymon 9v power supply. Brand New in the packaging. Comes with stickers. I bought it for a pedal that I ended up not getting. $17 shipped.

    Mojo Pedals (Baj2k on this forum) MKII Tone Bender Replica. OC81d Transistors and sounds awesome. They're known for making great Klones(I have one myself) but did a small run of these a while back. $350 shipped.

    More pics here: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2941093-3x-Vintage-Electric-Mistress-Analogman-DMM-Space-Drum-OC81d-MKII-Tone-Bender-MORE&p=46611869#post46611869

    Good Transactions List


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      Digitech Whammy II - $260 shipped
      Boss RV-3 - $145 shipped
      Akai Headrush E2 - $120 shipped
      Oh LaLa/Effector 13 Truly Beautiful Disaster - $225 shipped

      I need to sell this stuff ASAP.


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        WTT: Infanem Driving Notion for Midfi Demo Tape Fuzz

        The DN is a really unique drive pedal capable of dirty boost to fuzz. And can cover the clangy Shellac sounds through stuff like early Tortoise and into Sonic Youth. Has a really great unique sound.


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          Serious post buy this stuff! All pedals include paypal and shipped USPS Priority with tracking and insurance.

          Mid-Fi Electronics Clari(not) *fuzz version* $160
          Mid-Fi Electronics Deluxe Pitch Pirate #1!!! $190 <<< ON HOLD >>>


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            Anyone have a 4 space rack box for sale?
            Originally Posted by NITEFLY182

            The correct answer is "I'm building it because **************** you."


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              MXR Micro Chorus reissue in good condition with box- $200

              It's pretty rare, in fact it's the only one I have.

              Really though, I've got a Memory Lane Jr and a Stereo Memory Man Hazarai if anyone is interested. Mostly looking to trade, particularly for other delays and/or a Boss RC-20XL
              Good deals with: TheCardiacKid, Nightraven, AverPhil, AimmarCair (x2), midi_in, draines1220, digiTED (TGP), themroaring20's (TGP), cjkbug (TGP), whsdhs1 (TGP)


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                Sorry, wrong post.

                Still have a Blackout Effectors Mantra/Black for sale or trade. PM me.

                Blackout Effectors Mantra - Black. $140 shipped to the lower 48.

                Good dealings with: Conky, Barney Steele, Orbis Mortis, LWatford-2, Blakemore Effects, Aaron SS, Juri, High Gain, FoxMan, IRG, Orange Worker, Panther King, BHz_econo, 9520575, Hangwire, Doug Deeper, SH333, Dylanwilde, frenchji, rossta1, Computicus, ToonHollow


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                  Why get a White one when you can get a Colored one!

                  HCFX Octophant #13 built by the sweat and tears of forumites so I can profit off of it



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                    Thingy things:

                    Harmonic Design Vintage Plus Strat bridge pickup in creme - 55

                    Beyerdynamic Opus 89 mic in perfect shape with box and bag - 105

                    AKG C214 in perfect shape with case and shockmount - 269

                    I can be tempted by Memory Lane 1s or Jrs, Fulldrive 2 MOSFETs, Kaden Fluttertones, Heil microphones, Dimarzio 36ths.
                    "Who's they?!" - The Emperor

                    Great trades with dangolguitartec, brewen, RelicJunky, jim in nc, PedalHead, Saturnine10, jonnyrocket.


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                      Boss TR-2 with true bypass mod (mod by Jack Deville) - $70
                      Subdecay Spring Theory - $120


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                        Dexter inspired 3-color silkscreen poster. Completely hand-drawn and printed.
                        9" x 24" edition of 100.


                        part-time printmaker, full-time superhero || joneallen.com | kickstarter project


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                          Good deals: osbornkt, turnitto11, kidgloves, solewheelin, WBigsby, JNichols2727, starsailor803, DrP, Jim Hunter, Valerus, Used666 (x2), lostandfoundpdx, EGBDF, tylerdubb, pioneerprogress, jimtalkbox, jmiller475, gearnut, toddtroutman. 100% feedback on eBay since 2000: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAP...ab=AllFeedback
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                            Red Witch Fuzz God II[INDENT]


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                              Want to buy. TC Stereo Chorus.

                              Anyone selling one?

                              You can have mine for $135.00 PP & shipped within CONUS.


                              http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=215858841876860&set=a.1823526052274 84.36652.100003582370690&type=3

                              EDITED BY PHIL: Scott, you're new, so I'm going to cut you a break here... but please re-read the rules of the spam thread (in the very first post) before posting in here again. You're not supposed to respond to the posts of others here within the thread. You can send them a PM or email instead. You can post your own FS or WTB / WTT post, just as long as you follow the rules in the first post.


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                                FIRE SALE!

                                MUST SELL FAST

                                Sunburst Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster in excellent condition - $375

                                Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic - $180

                                Fender Blues Jr. - $300

                                Vox AC4 1x10 combo - $180

                                Pictures upon request. Add shipping to all prices
                                BOARD, RIG

                                Originally Posted by Bob Marley

                                Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

                                Good deals with: booher, Coach, leer43, blueballoon, schismed, pigeontoe, Rgkchile, wiklund87, conky, Sidd, bennintexas, PumpkinPieces, Sunsetcarcrash, hivedestruction, Gearhunter, 6StrngStrangler, duderanimous, marshmi, TerrorStorm, wrathchild1, goodhonk, T ned