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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 8-15-12


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    SD Screamin Demon trembucker and Alnico II Pro neck set $90 shipped.

    BYOC Octave Fuzz, $75 shipped

    Bit out there, but have these PS3 games for sale. All are new and in the plastic. I just really don't have time to play them with my current backlog. Will sell for whatever GameStop is listing for USED or trade for Arkham City + cash! (Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition, Dead Space 2 Limited Edition, MLB 2K10, MLB 10 The Show)

    Guitars: PRS, Fender, Gibson, Epi
    Pedals: Octophant, Wilson, Danelectro, Monsterpiece, Way Huge, Custom, Line 6
    Amps: Egnater, Ampeg

    Good deals (70+!)


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      Tone Pros PRS Locking Studs (Fits USA models)...2 pairs with one wrench --- $50 shipped.


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        Prices are PP'd + Shipped USPS w/ tracking. No trades at this time unfortunately, and I've priced these to move but feel free to make an offer the worst I'll say is no.

        #1) B.A.T. Badascan - SOLD$
        #2) Monolith Loudspeakers custom Big Muff Pi - 110$ (lower left aluminum pedal w/ etching in pic)
        This is a one-off pedal that is basically the right side of the Tectonic Shift pedal. It's a modded BMP circuit with ridiculous amount's of low end. Love this thing but having a TS I don't really need this anymore. Functions 100% with only minor handling scratches.

        Well as much as I love this guitar, one of my holy grail guitars has popped up for sale and with my strict one in / one out philosophy this is the one on the chopping block. It's a bone stock MiM Classic Player Jazzmaster except for the Gold pickguard from a squier J Mascis jazzie. Setup with .11-.54's in E standard, and it comes with the original Fender gigbag. It plays and sounds amazing and is completely functional. I just got the guitar back from our practice space after our last show, and apparently it was packed away with the strap lock strap still attached and then piled in its gig bag under 4 other guitars, resulting in some bumps and bruises and a few very minor scratches , I have attached pics of any and all damage i could find, as a result i've lowered the price. I'm now asking 500$ + shipping via paypal gift, or you can add some to cover the fees if you'd prefer not to do gift. I may entertain certain trades but i will be very picky, i might take a partial trade for a Verellen Big Spider, and will consider straight trades for a Fender Jaguar Baritone Special, a pre 95 Les Paul studio (heavily relic'd is a plus), and maybe a early 00's Les Paul Faded in Mahogany. PM me with any questions, pic requests, or offers!

        For more detailed pics of dings and dents visit the for sale thread here: FS: Classic Player Jazzmaster
        Gear: Bass / Baritone Offsets, Dunwich / Orange / Peavey Amps, Emperor Cabs, [B.A.T, Dr. Scientist, Verellen, Monolith + Strymon Pedals]....

        Originally Posted by Beasleyboy

        Low frequencies are like boobs. You don't know why you love them so much, you just do.


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          Someone sold me their Line6 M5.


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            Up for grabs: WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue. Neat pedal, just doesn't fit with my style.

            Make me an offer. Pics to come tonight.
            Good deals


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              $175 the best civil war muff

              looking for a moog ring mod and a flickering(?) angry sparrow


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                Someone hook a brother up with a Monsterpiece STUD.......

                I want one, but wife is having a baby (!!!) and I can't spare the cash....i can trade though

                EDIT: got one on the way!! That being the case I might actually be offering up my Silverkiss MK1. I have the box. Let me know what you have!
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                  Maxon Reissue Analog Delay AD999: 200$
                  Asus U30Jc Laptop, specs: 2,53GHZ, Intel Core i5, 4.00 GB RAM, 500gb, Windows7 32 bits, NVIDIA GeForce 310M with 512MB DDR3 VRAM - 600$
                  Ableton Live 8 - 300$
                  Komplete 8 - 300$


                  Good deals with: percyexpat, henry_13, pedaltones, fortytwo


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                    Marshall Class 5 combo - [COLOR="red"]$290 Shipped & PayPal'd ... awesome amp. Great Marshall crunch at only 5 watts. Has pretty decent cleans up to about 11 o'clock, but then the real fun kicks in around noon. Takes pedals better than just about any amp I've played, and can keep up with a modest drummer - can get plenty loud, but also sounds great at lower levels... perfect working order... excellent cosmetic condition; only minor scuffs ...
                    Trade ONLY for a good 1x12 cab w/ a good speaker (preferably a G12H30 or Alnico Blue)

                    Bearfoot Honeybee - [COLOR="red"]$195 Shipped & PayPal'd ... really like this pedal, but I'm just looking for something with a bit more midrange... excellent condition; some paint missing on bottom - almost a guarantee with ANY BJFE/Bearfoot pedal... works perfectly...
                    Trade bait (+/- cash):
                    Analogman Prince of Tone
                    ...other OD's with a bit more midrange; preferably no TS-based pedals, and nothing high gain really... more in the family of overdrive.


                    Only pic I have of the Honeybee right now is on my board... I'll take a few more and post 'em later:
                    Guitars. Pedals. Amps.
                    deals: bradino, neatobassman, Used666, juri, echodeluxe, aporcelainsky, Crxsh, -Andrew-, notjonahbutnoah... and lotz moar


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                      OK, more pedals in the fund drive to pay for the repairs to my house.

                      2 Brand new '78 IC Muffs. (one of the below is sold)

                      One '78 IC Muffs with added mids controls -
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                        prices pp'd/shipped in U.S. Trade offers welcome, but right now I'm not looking for a whole bunch, but you never know.
                        Empress Multidrive - $200
                        Wilson Ten Spot II - $130


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                          Euthymia Crucible Fuzz Pedal
                          Germanium Model
                          Mint Condition
                          With Factory Installed LED
                          And Adapter Jack

                          $75 Paypal / Priority Mail.
                          Sorry, no trades.

                          MXR Custom BadAss O.D.
                          Modified Overdrive Pedal
                          New With Box and Papers

                          $75 Paypal / Priority Mail.
                          Sorry, no trades.

                          $150 For Both ! ! !


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                            Boss TR-2 tremolo with Modest Mike mod which adds two toggle switches to give a higher rate of speed and more control over the wave knob. The LED burned out but it is still fully functional. Velcro on the back, Paypal gift preferred, price inclues shipping. No trades, thanks. $70 shipped

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                              been a long time since I've been around here, but I needs the monies.. so give 'em to me! (please)


                              Eventide Pitchfactor $350
                              Skreddy Zero $200
                              Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper V2 (#28) $300

                              Prices in CND, not including shipping.


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                                I lost my job.. now I gotta sell some stuff

                                Arc Effects SHO clone with a volume - $60
                                -brand new condition.. silver hamertone with cool lookin' knobs.

                                Fulltone '70 fuzz bc-108 (the smaller enclosure) - $120
                                -Almost new.. original owner.. barely used - comes with box and whatever else was in that box.

                                Mad professor - little green wonder
                                hardwire supernatural reverb

                                Pictures up soon.. thanks!
                                American Standard Strat
                                crybaby classic -> '70 fuzz -> s.h.o. ->
                                eb vp jr -> nova delay -> supernatural verb
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