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Weekly SPAM Thread 11/12/07


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  • Weekly SPAM Thread 11/12/07

    Here is the new SPAM thread, guys.
    I had a signature once...

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    Radial Plexitube in great condition. $175 shipped
    For SaleBoss OBD-3 Bass Distortion Like New $45 shipped.MXR Boost/Line Driver great condition with velcro. $60 shipped.Tech 21 Power Engine 60 Like new. $225


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      I have a nice Pevaey JSX for sale. It's about 8 out of 10 in condition. Stocked with Svetlana 6L6's and works perfectly. When I received it, UPS slightly damaged the shipping box, resulting in part of the shell of the head to break in. I had it checked out my an amp technitian and he said that it was in 100% working order, but would cost me the cost of a new shell plus manhours to fix.

      I am looking for $750 shipped... would anyone be interested?

      btw, one of the footswitch lights is busted, but it works 100%... no issues there.

      you can e-mail me at
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        seriesI Roadking head with footswitch-$1750 shipped.
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          pic of the Gibson V

          please note, it has been modded. Added a 2nd tone know (so it's like a les Paul config) and moved the jack to the inside of the lower wing. Nice shape & includes hard case

          This is the only pic I have of her right now.

          Minty - Mesa oversize 4x12, with 30's & 80's in an X pattern.

          Note - The Rec sold a while ago, so don't even ask

          $ 500.00........local pickups ONLY (Orlando, FL)

          Spam: shipped to lower 48 only, MO & Cashiers check or Paypal gift no spam today shipped conusGood trans : Dominick, Bass_n_Drums, Gitfiddler, cobrahead1030, STEEL KAGE, 17 Tubes, cursed1, Moshaholic, tele0507, Dangles ct, Assumer, Yabba, Jopop, Troublehead, detunedman, tsunamijesus, Norton666, SkyHighRocks, archers6, Billcheckrules, Juggernaut.


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            ive decided i wanna sell my usa rust razorback and get something different since i already have 2 of this shape, its in mint condition and looks unplayed.
            i play my rebel razorback more and i dont use this one very much, the guitar sounds awsome and is built really well. i also upgraded the pickups to a set of emgs. new this guitar sells for 3700 but my price is way less than that. i bought it from drumcityguitarland last year, its limited of 333 guitars built. the usa dean stuff hands down blows away the import stuff, i own a bunch of custom shop esp guitars and this is built just as good.

            i would like to get 2900 shipped for it, i accept paypal or check, once your check clears i will ship the guitar. im not looking for any trades at this time.
            i will listen to serious offers.

            my email is


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              $800 MKIII Loaded Shorted head (Most Mojo) EQ... Small crack on headshell and reverb not working but otherwise unbelievabley awesome. Why am I selling it? See the D412 pic.

              D412 $800

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                FS: Cort TRG-2 Jim Triggs designed hollowbody. Made in Korea, bigsby tremolo, set-neck, and included a hardshell case. Case and guitar are basically brand new. No issues, sounds and plays fantastic. $350 shipped. It looks just like this:


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                  Mesa Quad with the Foot Switch $700 shipped + paypalled

                  Up for sale is a Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp. The Quad is like the preamp sections of a Mk IIc+ and a Mk III. It is a very Metallica'ey sound if you have a big power amp. I've been using mine with a VHT 2150.

                  The preamp absolutely crushes. Ridiculous amounts of gain on tap. Beautiful cleans too.

                  Item has seen some action. There are many scratches and scuffs from rack mounting. The Lead Drive knob on the bottom row is a replacement. The 4th slider on the bottom EQ is missing too. There are 2 screws missing from the top panel. The footswitch has 2 replacement buttons, but they work PERFECTLY.

                  The item is 100% fully functional.

                  Reason I'm selling: I need money. It's heavy and it takes up 3 rack spaces. It requires me to use the footswitch, while I prefer my midi pedal.

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                    Sig. BUY MY RACK CASES!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!
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                      sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig.

                      (to the tune of "meow mix"
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                        sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig sig.

                        (to the tune of "meow mix"

                        THanks. Now it is in my head.
                        Check out my band "Tock" Debut album coming out soon:


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                          Great sounding MIJ SD-1 that I want to trade for an MXR MicroAmp (Original or reissue) or Treble Boost. I'm in Canada. Thanks.

                          Although, if I may, let me take off my assistant’s skirt and put on my Barbra Streisand in The Prince of Tides ass-masking therapist pantsuit.

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                            First up for grabs:
                            VHT UL w/EQ, footswitch, and slip cover. Just retubed and serviced by VHT.

                            Splawn Cabinets


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                              Next up is my Warmoth Custom Strat

                              Ash body
                              5A Quilt Maple Veneer (Cherryburst)
                              LR Baggs X-Bridge & Control-X
                              Seymour Duncan JB Jr., Duckbucker, Lil '59
                              Schaller Locking Tuners
                              Flame Maple Neck/Board
                              Abalone Dot Inlays
                              Warmoth Standard Thin Neck and Compound Fretboard Radius
                              Vintage Gloss Tint on Neck
                              Mono/Stereo Jack (with a button to change from one to the other)
                              1 Master Volume Knob (taps both jb jr. and lil '59)
                              1 Piezo/Electric Mix Knob (Control-X)

                              Splawn Cabinets