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  1. i love this thing.. me too, wish i could justify keeping it. deal pending, BTW
  2. i'll ship outside the US...
  3. up. feel free to make reasonable offers
  4. ESP NT7. i yanked the EMGs in favor of my favorite pickups, bareknuckle warpigs. calibrated set, ceramic magnet in the bridge pup. here's the pics: and the ding. it's the spot between the two pickups, between the top string reflections. it's tiny. also should add that the finish on this guitar is so thin that you can see the texture of the wood grain in it. it's an incredibly resonant instrument. there's a bit of a ding on the very tip of the headstock, couldn't get a good pic of it. $1500 shipped w/OHSC. also has dunlop strap locks installed. no trades.
  5. Once more, then the BKPs are on the block.
  6. LTD MH-417 in good condition. the only flaws are on the back where the pickup screws went all the way through the body and a small scratch i found while taking pics. includes OHSC and dunlop strap locks. Pictures: here's the aftermaths, just in case you're interested in them too. at this point, the guitar has no pickups in it. i'll sell it unloaded for $400 plus shipping. i have a set of 707s i can include, bringing the price to $500 plus shipping. i also have a set of BKP aftermaths i modified for aesthetics that i can include, bringing the price to $600 plus shipping. once the guitar sells, whatever pickups remain will be sold. no trades, please.
  7. $550 shipped. let's get it gone.
  8. this is a 2006 Gadow Nashville. it's brand new, not a scratch or scuff on it. street price for one of these is around $2800. looking for $1600 shipped, firm. it's loaded with the stock fralin pickups, and comes with OHSC.
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