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  1. This is just for the interface, cable and drivers. It works with Pro Tools LE/Pro Tools. It's in average to good condition. Paypal only please/no trades offers. Will ship next day.
  2. that sounds great. when i had a Rat-type pedal it feedbacked like a whiny bitch through my 2203. does yours have the same problem? You can hear what I get via the humm at the beginning, but my cab is in an iso booth so I am not sure what happens via the pickup etc. I don't use that much distortion via the pedal.
  3. I have a LM308, and a 2203, it's me, not the pedal haha. Chuck everything on 5, dial the rat TS style (7-5-3), get that neck pickup cracking on the heriatage and start crabbin. Cross your fingers that the corners in the room can handle the bass trap fap.
  4. Sounds good man. I really don't like Rats for some reason. It's one of those pedals that need the right chain to play nice. Plus all of the versions etc it's hard to nail it down.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/tock-1/rat No reverb or effects etc. There is room verb on the scratch drums... All done on a clean JCM800. Not sure what the mod is, the previous owner was only told it was modded by gtrwrks. Anyway...love it.
  6. Me NPD for me. Modded Rat (gtrwrks) on my desk...waiting for me to take it home.
  7. So… working on ideas for the compilation cover art, would like some feedback. Something like this (faux-runes are pretty metal, right?) with some kind of textured backdrop (maybe stone, wood, night sky, something natural/organic). Not sure if I should have “Vol I” or “Month 2012”. Kind of laying the grounds for another compilation in the future (plus having only the backdrop change makes for easily consistent cover design). And last, should there be a “HCFX/HCFX Edition” to distinguish it from HCEG? Or does it just suck? I made one post in this thread. I demand my music to be on it.
  8. Allo allo. A doom thread on HCAF got me gassin for a pedal: I ended up with a gtrworks modded RAT: The amp will be a JCM800 with ported 4x12's (g12-75's in one and CL80/V30 warehouse clones in the other) I intend to re-record the guitars (and edit the drums) for this track: http://soundcloud.com/tock-1/sleep-with-one-eye-open
  9. What did I miss... I'm supposed to be down with the HCAF shenanigans.
  10. No reserve triple recto ebay auction.. In good condition and perfect working order. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150788858269#ht_12956wt_1025 Here are some sound clips: http://soundcloud.com/tock-1/institnstinstitnst http://soundcloud.com/tock-1/signal-sender
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