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  1. pm me what your best price is... i cant really pay 1250 for a mkiii.
  2. pm me with your best price on the amp. the pawn shop wont give you jack for it
  3. def interested... it would help though if you needed gear in trade too
  4. i have a pretty healthy bid on this amp right now. but i didn't meet the reserve... what else are you wanting? you aren't getting my mk4
  5. on ebay for $1. need wedding money
  6. i meant i bought mike tysons punch out and remember seeing the black case with the sign above. i guess i was 7 or 8
  7. I think I have narrowed it down to the pots. when the volume goes you can jiggle the handle on the lead master and it'll come back. you can also swap it back to r1 or r2 and most of the time they are ok.
  8. yeah i bought enough of those damn things to remember it. ahhhh, i remember seeing it now when i was buying mike tyson's punch out with money i bummed off my granny.
  9. Can't do any trades on this one. I'm getting married next month (still have a few expenses left) and didn't have $1100 to spend on a MKIV but how could I pass up that deal? She'll understand...
  10. here is the amp in all its sexiness but the headshell now holds my mk4.
  11. dude how much for the nintendo sign? seriously is that the one they used to have above the game cases at retailers?
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