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  1. Morning, figured I'd get a jump on this while I can still log in to the site.
  2. The only thing I did wrong was have an opinion at harmony central. People agreed with me. Where's the anger directed at them? Because the other people stated their opinions maturely, with well thought out points. Your point, when presented with the notion of cover bands being banned, was "good I hate them! Long live my opinion" followed with the stand by "lulz, why you mad tho?". While I find you amusing, suffice it to say as you get older and social decorum rears it's ugly head, you may realize you could have stated you opinion differently is all. No harm done.
  3. I didn't "shit all over" anything. I didn't say anything about anyone playing in a cover band. I didn't suggest that anyone was less of a musician for playing in one or that they should stop. I just said I hate them, and I do. Is that okay? There's a lot of over-sensitivity here. You'll understand how you approached this wrong when you get older, my friend.
  4. Clubs fail because club owners are usually degenerate morons. I've seen countless what-should-have-been-foolproof clubs and bars go under because of poor basic business practices - band hiring not being one of the problems. I would point out the irony of one calling someone else a "moron" when the first line of their sig is "by my album" but this being the Internet, I'm afraid my jovial intention would be mistaken for hostility or worse.
  5. Hey ibbyDude, ital_stal (same person)... Did you think we wouldn't cross check ips when we got a report about someone being mean to a banned member? Pathetic, man. Just pathetic.
  6. Line 6 Vetta II Combo and the FBV Long board. Both have been gigged quite a bit. Includes Uno USB/MIDI interface, power cable and foot board cable. I put casters on the Vetta (it's heavy!). Minor cosmetic wear one would expect from playing out a lot. The Line 6 Logo has some dings in it and the tolex is torn on the back in a couple places, but it sounds great! Can go direct in to the board which is a REALLY nice feature. I am only selling it because I need PA Equipment for the band. http://line6.com/vettaii/ This amp already has the Armin mod on it, which you really want. Among other things, it really helps the DIs come alive. ( http://www.soundside.de/shop/VettaUserComments.htm ) $800 plus $50 shipping (if you live near by we can arrange pickup of course). Drop me a PM if interested.
  7. why are you dip{censored}s still signing? rtmft. This.
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