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Thanks for your patience as we work towards the best experience we can provide to our community.

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Welcome to SSS!

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  • #16
    Welcome to your new digs, Craig.

    I know this will be good......
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    • #17
      Good to see you here Craig, on time as scheduled.
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        Hi Craig, nice to see you here. I'd just like to say that you are to blame for getting me into engineering when I built some circuits out of your books 25 years ago and made a bunch a PAiA kits. Thanks to you, my spare time is consumed designing audio gear, repairing my vintage synths, and making lots and lots of great music.

        Not that it's a bad thing
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        • #19
          Welcome Craig!

          I didn't post on the Music Player version of your forum often, but I did read through it all of the time. Good luck with your new forum location.
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          • #20
            Welcome to Hamony Central. I think you will enjoy many of the veteran posters here. We have a good group.
            I've enjoyed your work and learned much from your columns for many years. I look forward to learning more from you here.
            Eschew Obfuscation.


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              There is no spoon.
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              • #22
                Hello everyone! So many new people to talk to... could be interesting...

                Ms. Valky
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                • #23
                  Just want to say congrats to Craig & SSS on the new digs. I'm S_Gould over at MP, but the rest of the net knows me by my handle here. Looking forward to much lively discussion & meeting new people.



                  • #24
                    I was pretty much a lurker at the old forums. Nice to have your input on music, etc. I have learned much from your mag. articles.

                    Take Care


                    • #25
                      Well Craig have been over at eqmag.com (musicaplayer.com) since the very beginning with you. I just want to say it is nice to see that you jump on board over here at HC. lots great people, and the live sound area (my own industry) is very active.

                      Welcome to HC, I look forward to picking your brain.

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                      • #26
                        Yup... I'm in, too! Kind of odd seeing the old forum still up with active posts.

                        Time to kick back and settle in... Uhm... Phone call... Off to work!

                        Howdy, everyone!
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                        • #27
                          Just checking in...

                          Wanted to have my first HC post on SSS so here it is.

                          The new digs seem nice, Craig. Here's to even more years as the host with most!


                          - Rim
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                          • #28
                            Originally posted by Duck King

                            I guess that's why they don't call you MrReadingcomprehensionstayontopicguy.
                            I guess so...

                            What was the topic?


                            • #29
                              Hi Craig

                              more rooms in my Web house....that's nice, but it will be harder to remove the dust here and there...but's ok!
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                              • #30
                                Hi there -

                                So, are the new forums designed to replace existing forums here at HC, or are they intended to be additions to the forum list, and let the original "less-filtered" forums such as Open Jam and Recording remain?

                                Just curious...

                                There are a lot of very talented forum members that frequent the original forums, along with a ton of great information stored in the threads and stickies in the original forums, and it'll be interesting to see how things at the HC forums progress over the next few months.
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