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  1. No pics currently but I have a black Squire Affinity Anniversary Telecaster. Bought at Sam Ash for $99, had a Fralin bridge pup I wasn't using so dropped that in. A very nice playing and sounding guitar for little money.
  2. First guitar and amp was a Norma hollow body with amp combo from Speigel catalog. Both were total crap.
  3. I've had to get rid of several over the years; a '67 gold top with P90s, a '65 SG special, an early '60s melody maker. The one I would most like to have now is an old black and white Silvertone hollow body with a bigsby tail piece, similar to the Chris Isaak type. It was a very nice instrument with an interesting sound. I've only seen one exactly the same; in a fake storefront in Dollywood. I sold it when I was a kid and didn't really know what I had.
  4. https://www.wirelesshack.org/how-to-connect-a-android-to-wired-ethernet-connection.html https://www.amazon.com/USB-3-0-Ethernet-Adapter-Syncwire/dp/B074CDL78M
  5. The XR12 has an ethernet port on the front; can you not use a wired interface, such as a lightning to ethernet adapter?
  6. If you have a retailer near enough, best thing is to try various guitars and see which feels best and sounds best to you. Most modern guitars, even the very low budget models, are quite usable if properly set up. I personally have a Squire Affinity Telecaster I paid $100 for new that plays and sounds excellent.
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