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  1. No pics currently but I have a black Squire Affinity Anniversary Telecaster. Bought at Sam Ash for $99, had a Fralin bridge pup I wasn't using so dropped that in. A very nice playing and sounding guitar for little money.
  2. First guitar and amp was a Norma hollow body with amp combo from Speigel catalog. Both were total crap.
  3. I've had to get rid of several over the years; a '67 gold top with P90s, a '65 SG special, an early '60s melody maker. The one I would most like to have now is an old black and white Silvertone hollow body with a bigsby tail piece, similar to the Chris Isaak type. It was a very nice instrument with an interesting sound. I've only seen one exactly the same; in a fake storefront in Dollywood. I sold it when I was a kid and didn't really know what I had.
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