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  1. Hey ken , Aztecman,... is that one available in a higher resolution? I love that Pic!
  2. Ken + Fire = Bad Stuff. http://www.target.com/Black-Decker-Toaster-Oven/dp/B00130399K # DPCI: 072-09-0278 # ASIN: B00130399K Just a heads up. I had this piece of garbage Black and Decker toaster oven. In a matter of minutes, the entire outside, including the glass door, gets so hot that you can burn your hand even if you just touch it for a brief second. In the case of my toaster oven, the timer also did not turn off, causing a tortilla to burst into flames in under four minutes with flames licking the top of the oven and black smoke coming out. My house still smells like smoke a week later. I know two people who have this same toaster oven, and while their toaster ovens have not burst into flames, one has had issues with the timer as well, and both report that the outside is dangerously hot. This oven is a fire hazard and is dangerous. DO NOT BUY THIS TOASTER OVEN.
  3. LiquidAir ,.... That was a very useful and well thought post!
  4. Where? http://www.ethanwiner.com/e-tunes.html It's great!
  5. Oh SH*T.... I just realized my current project has vocals on tracks 9 & 10.... now I'm gonna have to start all over again!!!! Dude... if your method is so bloody good, put up a link to your music and prove it!!! Put your MP3 where your mouth is. If your Project has 19 channels of audio that's great!! Make sure the vocals are in the middle!!
  6. Actually I meant every word I said. :D Hahaha Ofcourse not. In fact I listen to Ethan's Cello Piece regularly. It's on his website and if people like nice music they have to give it a try! I'm sure Ethan knows I was joking around,...We'll see... hope he doesn't start capslocking me now.
  7. Indeed, and I stand by that statement. --Ethan Yeah and what do you know??? you ignorant Cello playing Acoustical expert?? Don't you know Cello players are tone-deaf by default? What would you think If I take that Stick you play Cello with and use it to hit a hole in one on the Jersy Turnpike Country Golf Clubcourt?? Huh,...You and your shelving Paramedic Equalizer nonsense. I've been a hard rock grund metal classical trained Electric Cello-OrganHybrid maker for years and I tell you,..... The best Cellos are made of coconuttree because that wood lacks any definition and midrange. It has also no bottom and topend and that's just what we need because it will be a blessing to the world that every cello that will be made from now on has NO sound at all. Give me your Cello Concerto and I'll master it for ya. I'll take the CD , Cover it in dough and Fry it together with some onions rings and Catfish. :D Hi ETHAN ,..... I've been reading your pages all day long again because in a few weeks the room here will be treated with some Basstraps and other goodies! Thanks for all the advice and good writings!!! Booshy
  8. Nuttin' wrong with your tracks A_Str8 ,.... Although that Hamlet Chorus sounds a tad bit like I wish I was a little bit taller,I wish I was I was a Baller,..I wish,..etc ,... I forgot the band that did that song. Booshy
  9. Indeed,.. You have to find the sweetspot of the Mic. I've been carrying my mic all around the room and studio recording an amp videotaping everything so I could remember where it sounded best.
  10. I'm looking into the desktop, electronic drum pad systems. They run anywhere from $30 to a few hundred. I'm working on cutting a demo and find it will be easier to lay down the tracks this way than to bring a drummer into my project studio, mic the set then going through the drawn out process of having him create beats I like to match my rhythms and leads. Any advice on what I should specifically look for? Brands? I really don't have much to spend and after toying with the sequencer on my keyboard, I know that just won't cut it. I need real time playing to match the skippy, bee-bop beat of my guitar rhythms. Here, have yourselves a good laugh, I'm actually considering this toy from Toys-R-Us http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2324435&cp=2255956.2273442.2255967.2256769&parentPage=family#prod_prodinfo I know I know, funny. At the same time, it looks about as good as anything I've found within the $30-$150 price range. I've asked a few people about it on Ebay and they say through headphones or a good set of speakers, it sounds like quality drums. I plan to record direct and just mic the kick drum from my set regardless of what electronic kit I decide on. For a 4-6 song demo to submit to a major label, I still think it might actually do the job. It's Kawasaki and has 8 pads. I figure as long as it's 16 bit and has decent frequency bandwidth, I should be able to get a quality sound with my Carvin mixer and a little reverb. I'm going to go check it out and have a sales person take it out of the box so I can hear it. Please throw me any advice you all have and I'll be sure to let everyone know if this laughable toy can actually give good, solid results.
  11. But if you want to really record original music and do it consistently well, there ARE no easy shortcuts or quickie roads to expertise. Yup,.... It took me 20 years to get me where I am now,...And I'm only 35.
  12. With mastering it is the same deal as with recording. You can good results yourself but if you let the pros do it the results will be better. A good DIY mastering guide would be awesome for a lot of people who simply don't have the $$ to bring their home-recorded stuff to a mastering house. However,... A guide that first bashes another poster and seems like a cut and paste job?? I wonder if the poster ever did those things himself.
  13. http://www.stage-directions.com/backissues/oct02/eq.shtml This explains the differences.
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