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  1. Ouch... So what makes it so radically different from the "good" Hammonds? They're all electromechanical tonewheel organs with tube driven amps, right? You guys may have to dumb it down into guitar player-understandable terms B3 - tonewheel generator, scanner vibrato (classic "purr"), percussive "wooden" thunk, vacuum tube audio path (you guitarists understand the "warm" sound of tubes, no?), waterfall keys (rugged). H100 - tonewheel generator, phase shift vibrato (too churchy), percussive "plastic" beep, solid state audio path (sterile and cold), diving board keys (prone to breaking). They only thing they share is the tonewheel generator. All the other components are radically different. Like I said - the furthest you can get from a B-3.
  2. The furthest from a B-3 as you can get. Not much value.
  3. Epic song is epic. This is how a Les Paul/Marshall should sound. Pickups says Gibson but the headstock doesn't...
  4. I offer the "WalMart" national chain perspective It ain't rocket science, people.
  5. Malcolm+Angus=AC/DC They have songs where they alternate their playing and you can hear the distinct parts. When both of them play together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Contrary to popular belief, that tone is NOT a dimed amp. Too many guitarists reach for maximum overdrive when playing that stuff
  6. While we're talking about viruses DO NOT VISIT METROLYRICS.COM This bastard downloaded an adware and I am getting popup ads all the time. I am going to try the AVG download.
  7. Something with an electric start for sure. I live in upstate NY. I shovel most of time but when its really bad the snow blower comes out. I also live in upstate NY but I have an unpaved 100ft driveway. Shoveling gets old quickly.
  8. yeah, that cat is really scared, I dont think thats funny Ears tucked back and teeth bared is kitty talk for BACK OFF
  9. Wow, who'da thought there were so many people who knew this much about snow blowers Well some of us don't live with mom-n-dad anymore.
  10. I married at 30, she abandoned the marriage when I was 34, then she used every legal tactic to delay the divorce to maximize her entitlements and put a major drain on my earnings. I finally got my divorce at 41. That was a miserable experience and I am a lot happier staying single.
  11. 2 stage gas w/ electric start. ^ This 2 stage for reliable operation. Minimum 8hp gas engine for heavy wet snow. Electric start for those frigid mornings/nights. Find a place that sells MTD, you'll save $$$. Yardman, Sears, et al are often just rebranded MTDs with a serious markup.
  12. Holy sh!t that looks like Felix I didn't know he had a twin brother
  13. Not a vintage piece. A buddy of mine reps these. I really need to hear one soon, but I'm a bit afraid, because everyone I know who has heard one has wanted to buy one, and they're not cheap. But the word on the street is that they sound glorious - even better than something like a Lexicon 480 or 960. Might be because Bricasti is the same group of ex-Lexicon employees that developed the 480/960
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