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  1. These curves show the equal loundess of a set of frequancyies. The 3+ Khz area is most interesting. The Fletcher-Munson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fletcher-Munson_curves And the newer (1956) Robinson /Dadson version of the same : though it may not be more accurate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robinson-Dadson_curves
  2. send me a PM inf you are interested in getting rid of the HD24, I am in the market for one.
  3. I am looking for the XTI4000$ pm me if your interested in splitting the system.
  4. Hi I am kevin, .. one of the live sound guys here, agenst my better judgment, to correct a few of the misunderstandings that are floating around. if we want to use analogies, please make sure that they work with what they are suppose to represent. if you have a 15watt amp, AND it is outputting 15watts of power in to a speaker, it will make noise at some dB level, what that level is is not important right now. IF you then replace the 15 watt amp, with a 30 watt amp, AND it is being used to it full capacity, then there will be a 3dB increase in the volume level. If you replace it with a 150watt amp, and it is used to its full potential, you will get 10dB of increase in volume. now to address the issue of extra speakers. Assume that we now have 2 speakers being fed the same signal. In the low frequencys, below about 200 hz, the speakers would act together, as one big speaker, and as one big one they are more effective then as 2 smaller ones. this gives you increased output in the low end. as this discussion is mostly about guitars, I will assume there is no coupling between the speakers. In this case, the extra speakers will give you no increase in volume, over the same wattage used in a single speaker set up. To summerise, 15 watts TOTAL in to one speaker will give the same volume as 15 watts TOTAL in to 2 speakers (EI 7.5 watts per speaker). This also assumes that the speakers are pointing the same direction. Lastly, the "extra amplifier" thing. Yes, adding amps will increase the power of the system, and, not surprisingly, the power drawn from the wall, if you hookup enough amps you will trip the breaker. This discussion above has many simplifications, and assumptions in it, for the sake of brevity, and clarity, if you have any questions about them, please ask and I will explain them further.
  5. Well... if I could tag along for the thread, I'm working on converting my SR and lighting services to AV/corporate event geared services... been working that direction for about the last 2 years... and could use some pointers. I'm sitting smack dab in the middle of a major developing destination resort area that's currently underserved (IMO) for these sorts of services. I think I need fewer drum fills and more pipe and drape. And projectors..... up here they rent out projectors at 25%-30% of the cost!!!!
  6. Anybody wanna buy a 16 channel powerd mixer in Canada, vancouver area!am i allowed to advertise like this? Im selling mine, I have a 3 way system and the linel evel outputs are of course post fader, which doesnt work to well for my live applications now! 4 ohms 800 watts x 2 Mains. 4 ohms 275 watts x 2 Monitors. 12 xlr, 6 inserts. 16 channels 1/4. stereo effects, ect ect. check it out. PM 16. retails for $2800 CND. .. if you have 100 posts you would likely get away with it, .. ohwever as is, it will be moved to the "for sale " area of harmony central.
  7. Originally posted by agedhorse No problem. Most of us here don't bite too often, especially unusual for a relatively unmoderated forum. we have a moderator?
  8. I would take it off your hand, .. but I am way up in calgary, alberta canada, and after shipping costs, it would not be worth it.
  9. I am looking for truss, and dimmer pack. (MUST be DMX)
  10. I am certinly not an expert, but I will add: in the case of more speakers. Yes teh effecency will go up with more speakers. so useing 1 watt total you will get more SPL out of 2 speaker with 1/2 watt each, then 1 speaker with the full watt. The catch is that this is due to the increased radiation area, and the speakers only act as 1 big speaker up to a certine frequancy. this freqancy is 1/2 the wave length fo the center to center spaceing of the cones +/- so that would be 500 hz +/- (and lower) for a dual 12. if you would like to see this in specks. look up at eminance.com the effecency of a (and 21 if they have it...) subs speakers. the 18's have about 102db for 1 watt. they are big, and have lots of area. now the 15's are about 98+/- small cone less output for a watt. the 12's are down to 95 and 10 can be below 93 im some cases. remeber though this is only going to work for the low freqancys, starting a little bit at 500 hz, and in full effect by about 250. Kev.
  11. ahhhh, crap , I just this is a bit of a drive from western canada eh??
  12. Originally posted by julius_the_cat An offer is pending on the M-One. The JBL and Yorkville speakers are still available. The other items have been sold. did you get my pm?
  13. I think so. I have used them a few times, and with a 31 band eq I could get them quite loud. More so then I expected from a 12inch.
  14. no, I am not selling it, .. how ever it is avalible for rent on a month buy month basis, ...
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