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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Very quiet and versatile amp. Too many programming options to shake a Strat at. For those impatient like me, check out: http://www.valvetronix.net/ for great pre-set ideas. I've had great luck with anything rated four knobs or higher. As for effects, I've found them to be adequate, especially dialing in a specific sound like those found on this website. If you want creative control, go with rack mount or stompbox effects. For the money and flexibility, this is the best modeling amp on the market.


There have been quality issues reported on this and the ad30vt models. Mine has had the problem of sticking on an effect when the program has been changed. It does easily revert to the new setting with a tweak. Have never had this problem switching between channels 1 and 2 live. Just when using the manual mode. Unfortnately, quality control may be a problem for the price point. Give it as much of a workout as you can if you have a thrity-day trial period.

General Comments

There are some cut corners that directly reflect the price of the amp. The knobs, corner pieces and grill are below standard compared to other Vox amps. However, the sound more than compensates for the asthetics. This amp nails the ac15 and ac30 sounds, and for that alone, you're getting your money's worth. The rest is gravy. I'm not a snob and could care less about whether it is a true tube amp or not. The fact is that the sound for the money is the best value out there.


I will say from comments I received from other musicians that the Vox name has a cache that you won't get with other similarly priced amps. This is serious gear, whether or not you consider it a true tube amp or not.


I've been playing for twenty years and am usinging a '68 reissue Japanese Strat with Duncan Antiquity pickups.


I would definitely purchase again or consider upgrading to the ad60vt to get the upgraded cloth grill cover and real knobs. Money being an object, the amp's sound makes it easy to overlook the touches that were spared.

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