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  1. honestly, it could just be time you need to readapt. i blew my hearing flying up to NYC with a head cold, literally made me dear except LF for a day and then only slowly came back. landing was the worst pain i have ever had in my ears. aynway, NEVER fly with a headcold. not that it applies to this particular situation. sucks to have your hearing go when doing audio... like breaking your writing hand as some author.
  2. im kinda partial to a crown CM700 over a SM57 for THAT sound. combine it with any ribbon and you have tone deluxe at mixdown.
  3. just slap a 57 on the speaker [pick one of them] and move it around until you get the balance of highs and lows. also, if you like the direct sound, so a split and grab the DI on the way in [clean] and run it through something like guitar rig and combine that with your amp'd sound.
  4. rhythm is easy to hear if its on or off. its called in teh pocket or not. pitch on the other hand, i come across others who can hear WAY better than i even as low as a semitone off... i just pass it as expression, but i have fixed a note here or there for the few who can hear it and cant live w/o it fixed. i dont know what can "train" you for it however.... i usually go by my own personal judgement of if it sounds good or not.
  5. It does reduce the room, but to say it takes it completely out of the picture is a big presumptuous. its does enough to be true to my comment. you said completely, i only said essentially. symantics i know, but it does kill the room more than a mic sitting back 3' [opposed to 1" off the cone]... and a lot of that nice tone is the amp lighting up the room its in.
  6. by close micing, you essentially take the room out the picture... stick your ear right up to teh grill and listen. put a mic back where the guitarist usually stands and there will be a major "bloom" difference. i like a combination of both, but it also depends on the sound you are going for. also WHERE you put a mic up close, how its oriented on the grille, centers or tot he side, on axis or off axis. its also why ribbons [with a F8 pattern] are helpful because they do caputre the backside room of the amp. sticking it up close is usually for isolation to OTHER sounds in the room.
  7. no you cant... people are going to do what they want. if they are going to be late, they are going to be late. you can charge from the booked time and not arrival time which is what i do for people so that kind of elimates any issue there notifying them before hand so they know and its not some suprise. still, blaming others for what you claim as a personal weakness? =LAME. i would say his weakness is definately his arrogance and egotism. im sure he has many more, but those are two pretty big and important ones.
  8. thats still not a weakness of YOUR character... thats OTHERS.
  9. good lord, you have a 20' telephone pole up your ass. thats your weakest thing? blaming OTHER PEOPLE for being late? thats lame. not weak.... seriously, you sound like a douchebag no one would want to record with in the first place with that post.
  10. SPDIF is defintately spid-if for me... s-p-d-i-f is far too much. never thought about DAW. i think i spell that out.
  11. im weak in the knees... right now im weak shuffling between video editors like premiere/ae to nuendo and not having to export the audio to keep it in sync, would love to know how to keep edits in tact and move between the two.
  12. i have a small room that sounds AMAZING, so much so i have contemplated sampling it for convoverbs. but i agree with ethan, as i LOVE to record vox dry as they can be. doesnt matter what room really im in, i even make this glorious sounding room dry as can be around the mic [doesnt mean i dont set up a "wet" mic]
  13. anyone who wants to send me any of these products for review is more than welcome to i have a LOAD of voice over work to do over the next little bit.
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