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  1. That and some missed features. I get your point though. Nothing. Those are the same thing ripped off but with a new name. It isn't really any better. If someone steals my work, they better put my name on it! It's a shame they do put gibson on the thing. Might be tempting without that. It is a whole level better if they're not claiming to be the real deal. How can you say there's no difference?
  2. See, I didn't want to overdo my NGD threads since I just had one the other day. If it weren't for the recent Casino purchase, I might believe it!
  3. Possible I grant you, but if I were a betting man, my money would be on the chinese spammer. Post is worded to well for that, especially considering there's no company name mentioned nor a link.
  4. One post stinks of spam. Not to me. To me, one post stinks of an active forum member who bought one of these Trade-Tang fakes and doesn't want to admit it with his/her real screen name. So, he/she created an alt to post about this guitar in hopes that the other members here would get some actual value from the post.
  5. UPS shipping estimate to your ZIP would be about $70.
  6. Originally Posted by iNx Y U NO ship? Y U NO read? I would have shipped it, but it sold locally and is no longer for sale.
  7. Vox AC15C1 $400 Prefer local pickup in the Denver area, but I could possibly ship at your expense. This is the current C1 model, not to be confused with the previous CC or Custom Classic model. Some upgrades to this newer model include: Celestion Greenback speaker -- classic British tone Separate inputs for normal and top boost channels -- allows switching and/or bending with the use of an A/B/Y pedal Metal toggle switches for power and standby -- more robust than plastic rocker switches of previous version Increased build quality and reliability This amp is in excellent working condition, but the tolex shows a few bumps and bruises and there is a snag in the grill cloth (as seen in the included photo). I have priced it accordingly. The amp was used regularly for gigging and I never had a problem with it, no bad tubes, no scratchy pots, no blown fuses, etc. It has been a rock-solid reliable amp, and it sounds fantastic.
  8. alrighty, talked it down to $325. seems to be a pretty good deal---supposedly it's "barely used." will check it out in person and demo it, but overall, good deal, right? I'd say this sounds like a pretty good deal if you like the amp.
  9. Well, I bought it... it plays VERY nicely and the weight is fantastic. It's 8.8 pounds and the 60's slim neck is extraordinarily comfortable. I have to say it is definitely more comfortable than the 10.6 lb Standard I bought a couple of years ago. Excellent sustain and the unplugged sound is resonant. The inlays have a green tint, but nothing too distracting. I'm loving the yellowed binding, too. What a great guitar! Congrats! It's a great looking guitar. Also, I read a thread at one point on MLPF (I think that's where it was...) about a guy who put his Classic in the sun for two days, and it un-greened the inlays.
  10. From 1990 when it was introduced through 95/96 it was a few hundred more than the Standard. I totally believe you. I do find it rather odd that its place in the hierarchy changed over the years, but Gibson does a lot of strange things.
  11. Yup. When they first came out, their place in the LP line up was after the Standard and before the Custom. Besides the pickups, they were the only non custom shop "historically close" version (smaller peg head, ABR bridge, etc) of the LP available in regular production. These days, if you can get along with the 60s neck, the older LP Classics are a pretty good value as far as Les Pauls go. Through early 2000s until it was discontinued, it was a few hundred cheaper than the Standard.
  12. They were considerably cheaper new as well. I'm not sure for the reasons other than the tuners, plain top, and ceramic pickups.
  13. $390 is okay. I usually consider them worth about $350, but around here I see them bringing $400 or so pretty regularly, with some in the $250 range if you're patient and wait. As to your other question, you have it backwards. The older models were made in the USA and the newer ones are made in Mexico. There were some issues with resistors failing regularly and causing quite a few problems on the older models, but I never had that issue with either of mine (bought new in 97). Supposedly, the Mexico models have better quality solder joints, but I've only read that and have no direct evidence to support it.
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