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  1. For the price (or even if it were pricier) this is a STEAL. VERY NICE and well worth the price. It looks good, feels good and sounds good!
  2. Really like these pickups esp in combination with the 498t.
  3. I love these pickups and have purchased several pair - and I plan to buy more for a few other guitars. I've been playing since around '87. For amps I use a modded Fender Hotrod DeVille 4x10 (groove tubes, Eminence Ragin Cajun and Patriot Red Coat Ramrod speakers), and a Carvin MTS-3200 EL34 head into a 60s Fender 2x12 cabinet (also has Eminence Ragin Cajun & Redcoat Ramrod speakers). For effects: Alesis nano-compressor, Ibanez TS9 tubescreamer, Boss OD1 and DS1 distortions, MXR Phase90, Boss tremelo, Digitech X-series delay, Line6 DL4 delay, and an Ebow.
  4. centuryhouse

    Carvin MTS3200

    I've very impressed. I've regretted selling the JCM900 EL34 amp that I had, and none of the other Fenders, Marshalls or Mesas I played had a sound that I was happy with. This Carvin is just what I've been looking for! I've been playing since the late 80s. I've owned about 150 guitars, and close to 50 amps including 69 Twin Reverb, Fender Twin, Peavey Classic 30, Classic 50, Marshall JCM900, Hotrod DeVille, Deluxe, Pro-Sonic, Blues Jr, etc. I have played on many, many more as well.
  5. I just found this pedal and noticed that it was not listed in the reviews database. I will add a complete review once I have had a chance to really put it through it's paces. Initially I am liking the sounds and versatility. The NADY PS-011 has four dials: LEVEL, DISTORTION, SUSTAIN and TONE. A green light comes on when the pedal is on, but turns to red when the battery is low. A picture of the pedal can be found here: http://filters.muziq.be/files/pics/nady_ps-011_001.jpg My initial thought is that the distortion is closer to a Big Muff than a TS9 tube screamer or a Boss SD-1 'super' overdrive. The SUSTAIN dial appears to be a compressor effect setting that runs independant of and before the distortion - so you can run it with DISTORTION down and SUSTAIN up, and have just a fairly clean compressor. Again - more info to come once I have really gotten the hang of this pedal, so for now no ratings.
  6. This is a great amp, I just wish I were still in a band playing so I could make use of it! I have been very pleased with this amp and gotten many compliments on tone using it.
  7. For the price it's great. Even for a much higher priced pedal I'd be happy. Warm saturated sound. As it is described it is a "lead" pedal. It does have a great blazing lead tone, but seems fine for rhythm as well as it doesn't excessively muddle anything up if you keep the saturation under control.
  8. I've been playing for 15 years. In addition to the 2 Memphis Les Paul studios, I also have a Gibson 1960 Classic Les Paul, and 2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio, 3 Ibanez AS120 Artstars (ES335 copies that are great), Takamine acoustic 12 string, Washburn acoustic jumbo 6 string, 2 Yamaha SGs. Do not confuse this guitar with the other variety of Memphis LPs or you will end up disapointed - remember, these have no binding or block inlays, but have the set necks and are very heavy. IF YOU HAVE ONE AND WANT TO SELL IT, EMAIL ME!!!! I can always use another one...
  9. Great delay - I wish I could find a 2nd one to use with it or as a backup. The hold feature is excellent.
  10. I've been playing for over 15 years, have owned at least 150 guitars and 2 dozen amplifiers. This is an excellent amp and sounds a hell of a lot better than most of the Marshall's I have tried out at Guitar Center. Excellent, excellent amp. Don't let the ignorant people who don't know how to set an amp up discourage you from trying one out.
  11. I give it high ratings. It's not the absolute best top gear you can get, but for the money it's great. It is much better than many other effects in the same price range and can be quite useful even in a pro setup. Would I rather have a Bradshaw switching unit and all vintage/top of the line gear? You bet. Can I sound great on stage and on recording with the RP100? You bet. I play effect driven alt-rock, indie-pop and energetic, darker melodic rock along the lines of U2, The Church, Sunny Day Real Estate, Coldplay, Trail Of Dead, The Verve etc... I've been playing since 1987. I have owned dozens and dozens of effect pedals as well as over 100 guitars in the last decade. Currently I own/use the following. Guitars: 3 Ibanez AS-120s (ES335 copies), 3 Gibson Les Pauls (a 1960 Classic, and two Studios), an Epi Les Paul Custom, 3 Yamaha SBG/SG series (SBG200, SBG1500 and SBG1300ts), Washburn Mercury II series strat style. AMPS: Peavey Classic 50 (all tube), Classic 30 (all tube), and a Fender RocPro1000 transtube through a vintage Fender 2x12 cab. I run a stereo setup. EFFECTS: guitar>Ibanez TS9 tubescreamer > TS808 tubescreamer > DOD FX65 Stereo chorus > Ross vintage Phaser > RP100 > Boss DL3 Delay > Line6 DL4 delay > amps
  12. centuryhouse

    yamaha SBG1300TS

    Great guitar!! I would like to find another one to keep as a spare... This ranks right up there with (and in some cases better than) my other guitars which are: 3 Ibanez AS-120 (Artstar) guitars which are hollowbody ES335 copies 3 Gibson Les Pauls (two studio one classic/standard) 2 Yamaha SBG200s, a Yamaha SBG1200, and a Yamaha SBG2000
  13. centuryhouse

    yamaha SBG200

    This guitar gets top marks and is every bit as good as my Gibsons, or the Yamaha SBG-2000 I owned previously. I've been playing for 17 years - this guitar plays well beside my others which include: Gibson 1960 Les Paul Classic, Gibson 2001 Les Paul Studio, 3 different Ibanez AS-120 Artstars (ES335 copies that are FANTASTIC), Washburn MG-40 strat style, Washburn J9 hollowbody, etc etc...
  14. Overall rating is about 9.5 but closer to 10. My only issue is that this particular AS-120 doesn't push through a distortion as well as my 1995 AS-120. Since the pots have been changed though, this could be the reason for this, and I can't assume it would be that way if they hadn't been changed to a different value. I have been playing since 1986. I play anything from post-punk stylings to modern indie-rock and brit-pop type of music, which includes clean rhythms, mildly distorted rhythm playing and lead melody lines. My set up is this: AS-120 > TS9 tube screamer > TS808 tubescreamer > volume pedal > a splitter running to 2 amps (Fender Rocpro1000 head w vintage 212 Fender cab, and a Peavey Classic 50 all tube 212 combo). The *Peavey Classic 50* side goes from the tubescreamers into the amp input, out thru the effects loop out into a Fender delay pedal and into one channel of a LINE6 delay modeler, then back to the effects return of the amp. The *Fender* side of the chain goes from the tubescreamers into a Digitech RP100 processor (for tremelo, vibrato, distortion etc), into the other channel of the LINE6 stereo delay modeler, and to the Fender amp. When I want to skip all of that, I run it as: AS-120 > TS9 tubescreamer > all tube Classic 50 amp. It's a beautiful guitar, solidly built with great tone. Better than the Mint 69 Gibson ES-335 I had, and better than the Washburn J9.
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