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  1. I was almost 3 months old when that song came out. Love the Beach Boys, they are so freaking good.
  2. I heard now it will be 2020 before it makes its appearance and it’s supposed to be identical. i had one on the road with me in 1987 with MIDI, it was such a badass synth and can’t wait to get it back. I did buy the OB-6 when it came out a few years ago but it’s not the same (to me anyway)
  3. I get wait for the OB-Xa clone to ship! always regret selling mine
  4. If 'excellent piano sound' is a requirment, then you can cross 'vintage' off your list; which will help your selection process a lot. Even the budget stuff today, ie, the $400 pianos you can get at Costco are lightyears ahead of the best gear available 20 years ago. A 5 octave Casio from Costco with built-in speakers will do everything you need it to, and sound good and be really inexpensive. That's where I would begin my search.
  5. what what what? Is this a re-issue? Whats going on? Now im off to google wtf you guys are talking about. I have a CP-80 but its 250 pounds so maybe theres a better way
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