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  1. Here's a pic of my CP-80's pedal. Mine is modified due to a rolling stage castor set-up the piano sits on and ive never used the chains ever. The carpet holds it in place just fine.
  2. I was almost 3 months old when that song came out. Love the Beach Boys, they are so freaking good.
  3. I heard now it will be 2020 before it makes its appearance and it’s supposed to be identical. i had one on the road with me in 1987 with MIDI, it was such a badass synth and can’t wait to get it back. I did buy the OB-6 when it came out a few years ago but it’s not the same (to me anyway)
  4. I get wait for the OB-Xa clone to ship! always regret selling mine
  5. If 'excellent piano sound' is a requirment, then you can cross 'vintage' off your list; which will help your selection process a lot. Even the budget stuff today, ie, the $400 pianos you can get at Costco are lightyears ahead of the best gear available 20 years ago. A 5 octave Casio from Costco with built-in speakers will do everything you need it to, and sound good and be really inexpensive. That's where I would begin my search.
  6. what what what? Is this a re-issue? Whats going on? Now im off to google wtf you guys are talking about. I have a CP-80 but its 250 pounds so maybe theres a better way
  7. Backstreet Boys Backstreets Back Best of Backstreet Boys!
  8. Having owned both a O1W/FD and a D50 back in the ;ate 80's / early 90's, I would take the Korg over the Roland simply because of how much more versatile the O1W is. With that said, both are super cheap these days so maybe you can figure out a way to get both!
  9. generally used by rappers with the one octave keyboard lol
  10. Harmonica George, I've seen him play! Lived in Dawson for a while running the mining inspection office, now im in Whitehorse where I work as a commercial vehicle inspector. We are having an awesome summer, in the high 20's, and loving it Thats good news about Centre Stage, John and the crew will be much happier there, lke those guys a lot. Worked for them demo-ing keys when I was going to college back in the 80's.
  11. Yes been in the Yukon for about 5 years now. I was in Gan in April, my friends have a art gallery there, Heather Haynes Gallery, right downtown. Love that little town, so beautiful
  12. hey buddy how's Gan? I still use that stabd I bought from you years ago
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