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  1. I've been GASing a lot lately for affordable, vintage American-made guitars, so I couldn't resist when this one popped up on my local craigslist. Behold the much maligned and horribly named "Committee", in all of its walnut splendor!! I took these pics as soon as I got home. The guitar is pretty dirty, smells like an ashtray and is in desperate need of a set up. The action gets pretty high as you go up the neck, and I'm hoping the fix is a simple truss rod tweak and saddle height adjustment. I paid $650 for it, which seems to be in the middle range of what these oddballs go for lately. I've seen worse ones go for more and better ones go for less, but who knows when another one would have come up for sale? I mean, c'mon guys, I HAD to get it, right? I'm dropping it off at my tech today to bring back to life... fingers crossed.
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