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  1. Better gear makes me play better because if for no other reason . When you feel better you play better. You can call it a placebo effect if you will
  2. [QUOTE=Danocoustic;n32518344] Gardo, have you seen the build thread on the Acoustic Guitar board? If not, check it out. I'm so excited I can hardly sit still :)[/QUOTE] Just recenly discovered it and there's a lot of catchin'up to do I can't imagine the anticipation. I get excited just tracking the shpment of a new guitar let alone watching it all come to life
  3. [QUOTE=Freeman Keller;n32518030]I heard of some guy up in Washington who builds guitars. I'd be happy with one of his orchestra models [/QUOTE] I think you need to sit down an have a serious conversation about this
  4. I used get a little wild with my big body jazz box Cranked up to the edge of feedback it got a nice Ted Nugent kind of sound
  5. What impressed me most was not the possible historical significance of that particular guitar but the overall impact the new Stratocasters must have had in the world of 1954, It was a time of change
  6. The one guitar I would want most would be the one used for my first lessons. I estimate it to be about a 1948 Martin D18. Back then it was just an old guitar that my neighbor had laying around. It was kept in a corner ,behind a chair in his living room. He encouraged us to take it out and play it anytime which we did..To me that defined what an acoustic guitar should sound like, Unfortunately the rest of the world figured that ut as well and the price went through the roof. He died and his widow kept the guitar for a memory. When she died a few years ago, I lost track of the guitar as her two children began fighting over everything..
  7. Yup, I had to stop humidifying a few weeks ago, basement dehumidifier is already running in Lancaster Pa. . We have the piano tuned in the spring. It goes sharp in the summer ,back in tune in the fall then flat for the winter.. Gotta love four seasons
  8. thanks so far so good,I'm sure it will be much better once the new strings get stretched in
  9. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"6DAF5989-DE4A-4CDD-B06B-11EEDF7705F3.jpeg","data-attachmentid":32515303}[/ATTACH]
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  12. The break angle is right around 25 degrees with the current strings. The guitar was made in 1971 and appars to have spent decades under someones bed. The case is like a mini time capsule. I'll send some pics.
  13. [video=youtube_share;c_i10rmmUsg]
  14. I’ve seen the ball end strings and even put a set on a little guitar my daughter had but wouldn’t want to use them on mine
  15. Thanks guys the strings that are on it now have little knots on the ends and I didn’t know if they were really needed
  16. A funny thing happened on the way to the guitar shop. Before heading out to get my latest electric toy I took a look at CL and saw an old Yamaha G 230 classical guitar for cheap so I took a look and had to have it. I'm 60 some years old and never owned a classical guitar before. I don't even know how to tie the strings. I found this video and wonder if any of you have any thoughts on the subject [video=youtube_share;4Cw84_0KHTI]
  17. gardo

    Pedal Myths

    I bought into the true bypass myth
  18. [video=youtube;yEZ0yzswOt4]
  19. [QUOTE=Chordite;n32510710] That's real shame since most posters here are American Time coming we will all need VPNs Another copy, same gig, first song only. Maybe lucky :) [video=youtube_share;Ve31rerRKos]https://youtu.be/Ve31rerRKos?list=OLAK5uy_mSDSgqk_LJX5nqSawXuNhMCTy 1Chd1hLI[/video][/QUOTE] sorry, unavailable as well
  20. I had considered going with a Fender Mustang GT100 amp and having all the efects built in ,but this is my main objection, Menu searching scrolling and tweaking. It's all in thereif you can find it I know you can save settings ,but from my experience with a Mustang the tweaking never ends. I really am torn on this
  21. That might actually be fine for what I do. My pattern iis -buy pedal - use constantly for a few weeks -set it off to the side -think about using it again -put it on the shelf
  22. The last time I shopped for a pedal I looked at Behringer but passed because of the plastic case
  23. So how many have you personally killed ?
  24. me can spend sum money hear
  25. [video=youtube;ApJZa8yCMCQ]
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