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  1. I knew I would get your attention with seafom , I see a difference between the camera image and the subject The color really looks good in person
  2. Not sure yet what if anything I’ll do for a pickgaurd . I have a black one that could easily be opened up for a humbucker , I like the look but also thought about making one from this countertop sample. Probably something like a Carbonita style. The last image is not mine
  3. Well I got the neck pocket cleaned up The neck is running evenly spaced with the string through holes and good for the scale length It took a little finessing with a sanding block,, a file, a dremel and a touch with a small chisel until I was satisfied Sawed off the bridge plate but still need to drill and countersink two more mounting holes. Laid some parts in place to look it over and I like it Next I’ll clamp the neck in place and use dental floss in the high and low E strings to be sure the strings are even along the neck before drilling Don’t know why
  4. For some reason I just don't like the look of the humbucker bridge plate. That leaves a sawed off plate or a hardtail. I've had this plate laying around for several years . I can cut it down ,look at it and if I don't like it go to plan b, Who knows , I may even go with your suggestion after looking things over . I'll keep it in mind ,Thanks
  5. Body and chrome Pup rings arrived today. Overall the body is better than expected. The finish is magnificent, but the neck pocket will need some attention. Nothing we can’t handle
  6. Well thanks a lot ! This thread has resulted in an acute case of GAS. I'm out of control ,gathering parts and planning . Bad news "it's electric" I was quite content until you went and stirred up my GAS A tour through the Martin factory and museum did have me wanting a Martin but looking at the price of what I want and balancing it against my talent, the Martin remains a dream for someday .
  7. I would play both and see which one I connect with.
  8. Cool.One of my friends had a guitar like that back in the day. He played through a little Oahu amp .I Loved the sound of it Congrats
  9. Series it will be. Like you said it's easy enough to change someday.
  10. Haven’t see Heath in years. Must have been great building your own amp Especially with some help to assure success
  11. There are actually 5 wires including the silver ground Will this make any difference
  12. Nice thing about tele type guitars, it’s simple to change the wiring. Sooner or later you know I will try series wiring. Good tip Thanks As for basswood, I guess I was thinking in Fender terms . You’re right other builders do quite well with it
  13. Are the strings fresh? I have had old strings that did not intonate properly. Once fresh strings were installed the intonation could be set
  14. Thanks The only way for me to find those old threads was to google your name with telecaster or barncaster ,then do an image search .Having a link is so much better
  15. . You,re right about the TOM .The sawed off tele plate is my first choice. As for the wiring, it actually is for 2 'buckers so it has 500k pots and correct tone cap so I should be good to go. The blend pot I have s also 500k . All leftover from a project that didn't happen I spent a long time yesterday searching out your tele builds and taking notes. Thanks Freeman
  16. Thanks, if you know me progress will be slow. I'm no Freeman Keller .
  17. Some of the pieces I have . The bridge plate could be cut down and drilled to more of a hard tail or a TOM bridge can be used . Considering fashioning a pickgaurd of some sort with the laminate sample . Basically just going to jump in and see where it goes
  18. Like most of us, I tend to accumulate guitar parts. I"ve been looking at Tele's (as usual) and dreaming of building exactly what I want someday. Well that day is NOT here. But,I took inventory and really just need a body to build something . I want a Tele with sweet single coils . But humbuckers are what I have so humbuckers it is. I scored a cheap body from GFS.. It needs wet sanded and buffed but I can do that.The good news is that it,s a full 1-3/4 thick this is a must for me. It's made of basswood ,which gets no respect even though the coveted MIJ Fenders used it. For what I'm d
  19. AY CARAMBA unbelievable , I'm speechless A D18 hs been on my bucket list for years but they are pricey especially vintage.
  20. I have a Fender Strat with the bridge humbucker Mine is a MIM FSR . I don’t know if I would want to rewire anAmerican but I went to a master tone and used the spare tone control for dial a tap Jumped the wire that taps the bridge for bridge/middle to the bottom tone pot removed the cap and now have humbucker or single coil or anything in between I find it useful to balance the bridge volume as well
  21. What do I think ? Not one good thing to say
  22. Yet he also wants a traditional Fender style Whammy assembly
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