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  1. Made-in-Japan (and discontinued) Yamaha Pacifica 904 was about the same price as a Fender American Standard Strat in 2008. They don't even compare in quality.
  2. I recorded Song For George from Eric Johnson for my only studio album and I accidentally hit an open string that created a very tasteful 6th chord that just fitted perfectly. Needless to say we kept the take. If you wonder, here is the clip and the fortunate accident happens at 1:31. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=5780273
  3. Many. A lawsuit Ibanez copy of an L-5 Jazzbox. A hagstrom Impala, a very old tele, an Ovation Nylon string, an SG custom with three pups from the late 60's, etc.
  4. If you make a mistake,... do it again! Ppl will think you're just playing "outside". (I'm kidding, of course). Seriously, the thing to do above all is don't let it define your performance or your enjoyment (and that of the audience). In other words, smile. It's live music, not an open heart operation (no one dies from that mistake).
  5. Big Stubby 2.0 but much of the time natural nails (fingerpicking)
  6. I owned this Hagstrom Impala as a teen. I'm unspeakably sad that I didn't hang on to it.
  7. I prefer 25.5 but one of my fav is my Yamaha SA2200 (24.75) and my newly acquired PRS is 25. What actually puzzles about the 25 scale is what gauge to pick... I have long been used to 10's on LP and 9's on "strat" (Pacifica 904, tele). The problem is with bending, I bend from "muscle memory" and not pitch per say (well, ultimately yes). But the PRS is a lovely guitar and could become my main axe one day.
  8. Of course, pros use capos but not for the purpose of shortning the scale (retuning to normal pitch). Personally, I use it on acoustics very often and on electric hardly ever...
  9. Did I misunderstand the Topic? If it's about the utility of capos, Gee, no question about that in my mind. I'm primarely an acoustic player and we use them mostly to get a different sound color, not so much to accomodate a key per say. I thought the OP was about using a capo permanently on a guitar to get a short scale and my original answer was that it would make it an inferior instrument.
  10. I first noticed him (I say "him", might be a "her") in the recording Forum as I tried to get a home recording set up. The generosity and helpfulness of his replies to my and other's inquireries is outstanding. Huge knowledge, Hands-on experience and/or ability to research a topic and entertaining and often useful comments (if you're into reading indepth comments). And it's not about being right about everything or knowing everything but the indeniable generosity and contribution to the forum. Thanks, WRGKMC. Much appreciated. P.S. This is an appreciation thread. If you intend to disappreciate (no one likes everyone), please go elsewhere. Thanks.
  11. I think, Billy, you started this thread for entertaining purposes. You can't be serious, right? I didn't read the whole thing but has anyone mentionned that the first fret is not a 24.75 scale? More like a 24.0 or thereabout. Tuning issues for more reasons than I can name, but just consider bending. The tension being weird, how do you adjust to that one-of-a-kind tension to get the right pitch every time? Always go by ear and forget muscle memory? What about the strings slipping from under the capo when bending and staying there after you bend? Well, just try it and have a ball.
  12. Consider a small camcorder with an input for an external microphone (ex: Canon Legria). That way you can record with better quality audio.
  13. It is indeed a pain the a§§. Every time they ask me to download a program to open a strange file type.
  14. I have more pedals and I'm in the process of deciding which stays and goes. I just added a Lehle Sunday drive and an Eventide H9.
  15. Robben Ford is a solid rhythm Player. Many of his DVD / YouTube lessons touch this subject.
  16. I know Hastings for a big chess tournament they had a hundred years ago... and some off-the-board battle they hosted.
  17. Ware's da grammar poleece wen we nid dem?
  18. Tommy Emmanuel, best I can think of. Worst? Some will think of Greg Koch as having great presence but he gets on my nerves big time. His ego is even bigger than his body.
  19. Dr. Scottie C wrote: What does your present day live guitar rig look like?? How has it evolved over the years? First rig: Being old, I lived as a teenager in a time when I could get all those "vintage" stuff for cheap, Gibson SG custom, stompboxes like MXR Phase 90, Univox tube amp head with a 8x10" cabinet. Incredible stuff I had back then. Then I switch to acoustic playing and those two gems were my main rig for more than 20 years. 15 years ago I became interested in electric and started buying stuff but I didn't go smartly about it. I bought tons of cheap things mostly modeling crap and cheaper amps. Recently I got my **** together and moved from modeling multifx to good old pedal board. I have a nice small tube amp at home and I use a Fender Machete at reahersals that I might buy from the owner soon. My pedal board is this with a few changes. I added a DD7 and the EQ is off the board and I will make a few more changes soon.
  20. Of course, I do! Here's my Yamaha Sa2200 when I was seven:
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