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  1. Unless stated otherwise, all pedals are like new, with velcro and original boxes. Empress Compressor - $200 JHS Double Barrel - $250 Cusack Tap-a-delay - $175 TC Hall of Fame - sold EHX Freeze - $95 Ibanez AD9 (brand new, no velcro, has box) - sold Line 5 M5 (no box) - sold Zvex Super Duper Clone in diy gold sparkle - $80 Visual Sound Route 808 (no velcro, no box) - sold Ernie Ball Volume (no box) - sold Strymon Timeline - $450 1 Spot adapter with an extra 5 barrel extension - $25 All prices are shipped CONUS. All pedals can be seen here.
  2. Not looking for: Boosts Overdrives delays compressors Everything else fair game!
  3. Just got this from my friend who almost never played it. Basically sat in his room for a few months. Totally stock I gave her the once over. Tubes and everything all check out great. This one sounds really good, and I have played enough AC15's to know. $410 shipped or $390 PPG
  4. Line 6 m9 - $275 shipped Has power supply and works fully. Latest update installed.
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