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  1. Thanks Alex. Here are pics of the last mod: A set of EMG's and a tremol-no (that thing works!) to block the trem .
  2. Well the PRS modern Eagle is 5000€ worth so it would suffice to trade for a SG2000. I'd love an SG2000 but it would be overkill, i have a few good humbucker guitars a the moment. Couldn't justify it.
  3. I have one. The feel very different from an LP Standard. Smaller, with belly cut. mine is rather lightweight. Heavily chambered. The bound fingerboard gives a quality feel. 60's neck profile.
  4. I would imagine the japanese one is better made. But one is rosewood and the other maple. Surely you have a preference there.
  5. Nice Couch pic, RaVen! I'm due for a new couch pic as I have a few fabulous additions to my humble arsenal. And my pedalboard is staring to be wicked (in a good way).
  6. Hey, RaVen! How's life treating you?
  7. First , if I may say, a 90's Les Paul is not "vintage". The guy asking for $2500 for what is in essence a used mass produced guitar is trying to cash on the "iconic" status of Les Pauls. Now it may happen that this particular guitar is stellar '(Gibson sometimes put out gems if they are not build on a Friday). Only you can judge that after trying that one. You have the advantage of being an experienced player and can judge if it's worth the cash. But I find that money is not the issue. when the money is gone it's gone anyway but remember that you'll be stuck more or less what that guitar once you made that decision and having the cash now means you could have gotten something better maybe. My gut feeling from your post is get a new one, think of the fuel of your car as part of the cost of the guitar. Drive to a HUGE mega Music store and try a BUNCH of new ones. Of the 25 + LP's they have on stock, that gem of yours is there somewhere.. Be the first owner, do all the relicing yourself. Have fun!
  8. Prague is an incredibly beautiful place. Enjoy your trip! Your case is great looking and seems up to the task! I have a thing for cases myself. Love a good sturdy case. I have three custom made Calton cases (from Canada). Two for my beloved acoustics (the dark brown and the grey one) and the third (blue) now fitted for my Pacifica 1412. I also have a suede leather covered luxurious case for my PRS Modern Eagle but that's a little over the top for my taste.
  9. I typed EMG active pick-ups and got a "Ooops" reply.
  10. I just ordered a set of EMG pups for this baby. The stock Di Marzio aren't quite to my taste (maybe they didn't age very well) and this guitar deserves a good set of new pups.
  11. You're welcome. I am now seriously addicted to that guitar. I love the wider neck and smooth fretboard. It's such a looker, sometimes I take it out of the case and just look at it for a few minutes before I play it. Nice to play unplugged too as the generously chambered body resonnates pretty loud acoustically. It's basically a small bodied semi acoustic without the F holes.
  12. I didn't bother reading the whole thread as I am pretty sure of the kind of responses the OP got to "I know most people think Gilbert is better than Hendrix". I'm gonna say however that Gilbert is a very charismatic and entertaining player and he deserves much of the recognition he got.
  13. Hi Dave! Always a matter of taste but I find the gold hardware really goes well with the 355 appointments (ebony board, large real MOP inlays, multiple bindings). Was the guitar in good shape?
  14. Hi Randellscott, Welcome to the forum. The above link to the Yamaholic thread will leave you in no doubts that quite a few of us don't underestimate Yamaha as a guitar maker. I have three Japanese made Yamahas that are stellar instruments. As Virgman said, Yamaha don't bother finding big names sponsors to promote their best stuff and, it seems, aren't trying too hard to crack the US market for their most expensive models. The name Yamaha isn't synonimous with "iconic" in the guitar buying public. Only the SBG2000 got a kick from Santana using a similar model but that's it. And PHIL X has a strange variation now. Ironically, the Pacifica name started as a California based custom shop project to offer superlative (and I mean SUPERLATIVE) instruments to the most demanding players. Prototypes were designed by the likes of RIch Lasner and built there. Production, I assume, was done by their best luthiers in Japan. The PAC1412's pricetag was $2,200 in 1990. Few people spent that kind of cash on an electric guitar back then. And with no big names using them and hardly any of those instruments in the stores for potential buyers to try, those top models disappeared within a couple of years. Less than 250 Pacifica 1412 were ever made and few Weddingtons and so forth. But the name "Pacifica" became vaguely synonimous with "pretty darn good" and they used that name for a subsequent line of guitars going from really cheap (012) to gig worthy reliable professional instruments (800 Serie) after the 900 series and up were no longer made.. My take on Pacifica's quality equivalents goes like this: 012 = Squier 112 = mexican strat (arguably) 312 = mexican Fender (less arguably but you may argue) 612 = run-of-the-mill American Std. 812 = American Std. made on Wednesday by someone in a good mood. 821 = Ibanez regular production JEM 904 = American deluxe Strat. 921 = upper shelf Ibanez JEM 1221 = never seen one. must be awesome. 1412 = The original Pacifica comparable to ....... a Pacifica 1412, maybe? The SBG700 is a set-neck like an LP Std The SBG2000 is a Les Paul Custom type but with double cut, neck-through and no flaws. They are usually heavy (don't know why). The AES 1500B is a great Gretsch type that you hardly ever see. The SA2200 is an ES355 (ebony board, etc.) type semi-acoustic. And tons of aweswome super expensive stuff that the Japanese market keep to themselves. .
  15. "Modern" as in "newly built"? I thought your question pertained to things like FX Loops, voicing Features, Multi watts and such. A new DRRI is not a modern amp, just new. I have a MESA Boogie MARK1 reissue (Santana sig with the snakeskin). I don't know where it fits here but it's a helluva good amp.
  16. The point of the thread, I thought, is to Point to beautiful eaesthetic guitars which personnaly I enjoy. To put that artistry down on the ground that maybe, just maybe they don't sound as good as they look is beside that point. Well, given that they look extrememly awesome and tastefully at that, if they only sound "great" (presumably) which is a step down from "extremely awesome" then they win on the look. My guess is that they play and sound fine.
  17. Thank you guys! I discover more and more things that please me with this guitar. I knew from the specs that it was chambered (even the horns) but I can now feel and hear what it does. You'd never imagine that this type of guitar shape would yield a 335 kind of resonnance but it does. The chambered body makes it also very well balanced. I think when Rich Lasner designed this guitar, he went all out with his ideas and had the support of Yamaha's huge power and know-how to make it real. He said in that interview that the 1412 would have been the next step if he had stayed with Ibanez.
  18. By the way, are Floyd Rose trems disliked by a lot of people? I still see a lot of guitars made with them, notably Ibanez JEM and such.
  19. Floyd Rose were the thing in the early 90's. Rich Larsen said in an interview that without it, this guitar would have been "viable" (whatever he means by that). Here's a link to that interview about the PAC1412 For me, the floyd was interesting because I have like, ten guitars, and I had none with a Floyd Rose and I fancied having one and see what I can do with it. That this floyd happens to be attached to this guitar makes it very desirable. In fact, I hardly ever use the trem (gonna try it for fun to see what comes of it) but I must say that the double lock thing makes for an incredible tuning stability.
  20. you can tell she's actually putting it on rather than taking it off because at the same time the woman at the back is walking forth (bending down. the opposite would be un-natural). So we're safe : it's pg13. (gee, she's cute too!)
  21. My MIJ Yammie arsenal is now at three : SA2200 (with flats these days), my trusty PAC904 and now the PAC1412 (I do think it is made in Japan rather than in the California shop where it was born as a prototype). I would fancy owning an SG2000 or wellington if I didn't already have two solidbody humbucker guitars, namely a Gibson LP DC (terrible QC but a cool guitar) and a fabulous PRS Modern Eagle SC250 (QC as good as a japanese Yamaha... )
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