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  1. My first NGD thread got nowhere (thanks nonetheless to those who posted). The title was maybe a little unclear as a NGD. And the pics were the seller's so I thought of starting it anew with my own pics. Preacher's request for a belly cut pic was attended to. Again no pictures comes close to showing what this thing looks like in real life. It's stunning (I know... we use that word all the time but....) first thread : http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/...dreamguitarday The Pacifica 1412 is rare as hen's teeth. It is the highest ever Pacifica model that was made and they made about 250 of them before deciding that, with a $2200.00 price tag in 1990, they were not making money with it and called it history. Neck-through construction with a gorgeous layered body of curly maple-ebony-mahogany-ebony-mahogany sandwhiching the neck that goes through it all. Neck is five piece maple and mahogany. Headstock is very tilted. Fretboard is ebony (the little bit of fretboard that is not covered in pearl and Abalone). The frets must be stainless steel since they're like new and the guitar has been played a lot judging by the back's spiderweb-like marks from buttons and belt buckles. The finish is nitro. Dimarzio pups. Made around 1990. Designed in the California custom shop by Rich Lasner (who also designed the Wellington and the Ibanez JEM) . It's either built in Japan or in the US. (prototype was built in the US). I hope it's made in Japan by those super human luthiers at the Yamaha custom shop. (It sure looks like they're the one who built it, considering how precisely it's put together). Best of all: incredible playing feel. Neck is wider than the norm and the neck is thin. this balances out to a very confortable feel and this 25 year old neck is straight as a ruler. I set it to minimal relief and action and man, is it easy to play! I am able to set the action at 3.5/64th"- 3/64th" (low E - high E) at the 12th fret with not only no buzz whatsoever but with clear ringing tone at every note. This is way lower than I'm used to but it makes for some fun playing. Enjoy the pics:
  2. I'll post the new pics in a new thread as this thread didn't much take off (due maybe to the awkward title. Incidently Alex himself didn't respond).
  3. It seems the AX8 is not yet available in Europe. I just ordered the FX8 which fits our needs in the band.
  4. We are thinking of buying one for my band. It's quite pricey. Any one has experience with it? What do you think?
  5. Thank you Preacher! Those pics are from the seller. I want to make pics of my own with some interesting perspective. In particular the headstock is very much angled which is really cool and not super common with six-in-line headstocks. requested pics to follow in next post.
  6. Yes. Post # 12 in this thread : http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/...la-41/1102274- and post # 16 in this one: http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/...1192232-/page2 And I'm not kidding when I say I was a bit mesmerized by that guitar. The real thing is twice as good as what my imagination made of it back then. No pictures will ever convey the beauty of that thing. and not surprisingly, the neck is a player's dream. Perfectly straight after 25 years and a profile that is quite unusual : wider fretboard and thinner neck makes for a very confortable feel.
  7. Nice to see you mrbrown. The way the different woods are sandwhiched together in the body is not seen very often. Many neck-tru have just "wings" flanking the center part.The interview with Rich Lasner about this guitar is interesting (for those who are interested... )
  8. Hi Sean! I just checked out the 821D. It has some similarities with mine. (Floyd Rose, 24 frets). we see more 812 (strat type) than 821(shred type). Good luck in finding one!
  9. Long time HCEG buddy and fellow Yamaholic AlexMC Pm'd me about this a couple of weeks ago. My DREAM guitar on ebay in Italy. Some of you will remember me posting a while back about a very rare (less than 250 made) superlative top end Pacifica 1412 (I believe the highest Pacifica model ever made, designed by Rich Lasner, the chap who designed the JEM for Ibanez) . It's a fancy neck-tru with a complicated maple-ebony-mahagony assembled body that is a real looker. The chance of ever seeing one in real life was, at best, quasi-impossible so I indulged in looking at pics and reading Rich Lasner's interview about how crazy that project had been and how impossibly expensive the guitar was to produce. The $2,200 price tag in 1990 wasn't expensive enough to make it profitable for Yamaha so it was gone within a short time. This is one of the few guitars that I really really lusted for. I contacted the seller immediately and, in order to get some cash for it I sold my Heritage H575 (a good guitar but one I didn't bond with). Story short: The PAC1412 is with me now and it's even better than what I could possibly imagine. I understand that the guitar was designed and built in California as a prototype but I do believe that the production was moved to Japan to the best guitar builders Yamaha had at the time. It's in great shape for a 25 year old guitar that has been extensively played. Neck in perfect condition, not a single ding on the back of the neck and totally straight (and it has a great profile, wide and just the right thickness for shred). A few dings and scratches on the body but pretty minor expected wear . The frets are like new being stainless steel and very durable. The beauty of this guitar is impossible to photograph. Enjoy the pics... and Thanks a bunch Alex.
  10. Wow, that's gorgeous. In Yamaha's model numbering, 900 is usually really high end. Is it the case here?
  11. I had one back in 1990 because my guitar hero, John Renbourn, played one and I thought it would make me play as good as him. (it didn't but that's not the fault of the guitar). It is a super top end guitar. You're a lucky guy
  12. Work of art. Beautiful. Absolutely nothing fugly about it except that it doesn't have to be everyone's taste.
  13. I could listen to it (great stuff as always, Mark) but no download buttons, just a black strip in the middle of the screen.
  14. Gorgeous instrument! Wow. That price is a bargain!
  15. That's beautiful in a very cool way. Congrats!
  16. black wouldn't be wrong.... I'm just thinking that the massive Bigsby and bridge would look a little "light color heavy" on the lower boot. Cream would be an idea. Tortoise shell is very nice too.
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