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  1. I think the need to look attractive is inherent in women's nature. Theres nothing wrong with that. Now if you base your self-esteem on how you look then you're gonna have problems, but you can't blame that on men judging womens looks. Their parents should have taught them that outside looks don't really matter. I dont think there's anything wrong with guys critiquing women's looks as long you dont do it in front of them.
  2. This thread is pretty low. No wonder women go crazy trying to look perfect. They gotta impress a bunch of {censored}ing internet beauty experts! {censored} you guys. {censored} this thread too. If they give a {censored} what a bunch of anonymous nerds on an internet forum think then thats their problem. And yeah Im sure lots of women browse through these forums for feedback on how they look.
  3. Kristen Stewart isnt even beautiful with make-up on. Shes not even cute IMO.
  4. Lol I knew someone was gonna say that. I do have a few exercise books with the usual scale-based exercises in it. I just meant some of those really hard finger-twister exercises just for something to do really. I promise I won't over-do it. Thanks.
  5. ANyone know any good warm up excersizes for the left hand? The kind where you move your fingers in weird patterns until they hurt? I want to strengthen my left hand and develop better finger independence as well, especially with my ring finger and pinky. Thanks!
  6. Thats plagiarism. If you guys arent gonna hate on John Mayer I'll ask you to stop posting in my thread. Hope this helps.
  7. Nah Im happy for him. He must have had a pleasant childhood with loving parents, yet he can play the blues like nobody's business. What does that tell you?
  8. ROFL, he probably took it to bed with "His Penis is a Wonderland" or whatever that's called, playing in the background. Perhaps he cut out Mayer's face from a poster and taped it to the headstock.
  9. Funny thing is I got a USA Strat a while back that was reliced to look just like the "black one". I thought it looked like total {censored} so I repainted it. Previous owner must have been some fanboy, probably played John Mayer songs on my guitar, ewww.
  10. I think anyone that obsesses with hating on John Mayer secretly wants to suck on his douchenozzle. {censored} off troll.
  11. {censored} that relic b.s. If it's not new and spotless it's utterly useless. Get that crap out out of here. Burn it with fire. Why dont you guys try reading my posts before you comment? I said I dont have a problem with relics at all. What pissed me off is the way he acts like he didnt want a relic, he just wanted it to have that way for the tone. Reading comprehension. . . try it.
  12. ^^That makes sense but you still haven't explained why he won't just admit that he wanted a reliced guitar that looked super worn out like his idol SRV.
  13. Ritchie Blackmore has been described as "difficult" but that does not stop people from listening to and enjoying his guitar playing. Why should Mayer be treated any different? I never said don't enjoy his music. this has got nothing to do with his playing. Im just saying hes a narcissistic douchebag is all. And some of you are totally missing the point. Its not a sig model! Its not about that. I dont care who has a sig model. Its just the way he talks about this one guitar. He had a RELIC Strat made in 2004 and he talks about it like its the {censored}ing holy grail. Like just put it up there next to Pages '59 LP, or Django Reinhardts acoustic or some {censored}. And he pretends its not a relic, like he didnt want it to look like some old legendary guitar, like Lenny, or Rory Gallagher's Strat . And if you don't like these kinds of threads you dont have to participate.
  14. Who gives a {censored}? How many people on HC have relic'ed guitars and never take them out of their bedrooms? At least Mayer does something with his. (Although I can't forgive him for the crappy way he plays "Panama.") If they can give John 5 a signature Tele, they can give John Mayer a signature Strat. Its not about having a signature guitar. Thats fine. Its just the way he talks it up like its some 40 year old vintage guitar that hes been playing forever that has all this mojo. "People are just like, wow! thats it!" And theres nothing wrong with relics, but at least admit that you want the guitar to look old and well played. Hes like, "oh its just for the tone" Hes just so full of crap. Its obviously reliced. Its not like they just scraped alot of paint off, they made it look like it was worn off from playing. Hes says he just wanted a guitar to serve him as an artist, just a tool in other words. Thats bull{censored}. He wants everyone to know about this guitar. He wants to have his "Blackie". Guitars need to earn their fame. They cant be famous and special just because you say they are.
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