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  1. One of my favorite parts of HC in the past was the gear recommendations. So what do people think is the best delay pedal for metal/rock? I currently have the carbon delay, which is nice. I also have an older Boss DD20 delay, which is more complicated, but nice in its own way.
  2. I joined around 15 years ago. Just started getting back into playing guitar as my interest comes in waves.
  3. I have something to add about your son's current attitude: When I was a teenager I struggled with depression and I was very angry. Unfortunately I took this anger out on my mother, since she was so involved in my life. I would ignore her, not talk to her, not tell her my day, even told her I "hated her" multiple times.. But then, thru counseling, treating my depression, and maturing, I realized it was not her that that was part of my problems and that I was just inflicting pain. The values that my parents raised with me came back in my twentys. I set out to help other people less fortunate and now I am a doctor training in family medicine. What I was taught as a child helped me choose a career path different from my classmates who valued money and lifestyle. I was one of the few who said "I want to help poor people" and REALLY meant it, and thats all because of my parents. I hope the same holds true for your son. I hope he realizes the error of his ways thru counseling and maturity and the life lessons you taught him when he was a child start to guide him in his adult life.
  4. styphon

    HCAF Confessional

    Today I stuck my finger up a guys butt , felt his prostate, then smeared poop on a little card
  5. This thread really makes me want to go to a TOOL show to interact with the fans and see if they really are THAT bad.. But black/death metal fans are horrible, making sub-sub-genres, argue who is more "tr00", all that elitist fake crap.
  6. How much for shipping? Is everything included?
  7. I am just afraid of buying used software online that uses an access code, what protects me from you giving me a product that is useless without the code?
  8. I have *HEAVY* radio station interference, any idea of this would help me reduce that?
  9. What does the SM-57 include =|
  10. I have a Logitech 5.1 system for the computer, and a JBL 6.1 system for my tv. I also have infinity perfect speakers in my car with two infinity perfect 10 inch subs. I love subwoofers:cool:
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