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  1. To the * : ugh. I’m afraid this is an old building. It is quite shocking (not literally) that there aren’t outlets right where musicians would sit. But I saw sets of four empty outlets over on the walls (to left and to the right) behind the curtains, as well as a set through a door on the stairwell that’s literally closer to us. (We’re behind curtains toward center stage.) So I will at least be able to avoid crappy extension cords. There are rows of professional overhead stage lights. They must have those on an isolated circuit. Must! I did NOT hear unwanted humming last night, so t
  2. Hmmm... Does a power conditioner need to go near the a/c outlet? Or can i plug the cord into the outlet and then put the conditioner near me?? (I.e., does the conditioner “fix” problems introduced by extension cord?) And I just need two plugs: my amp and my voodoo lab pedal power supply. At any rate, at first last night, the venue tech had me plug into the same funky OLD two-outlet “strip” as last time, and it had a very thin cord. Sounded terrible—and I wonder if that thing related to my amp dying last year. So I unplugged from that and used my strip (with heavy duty cord) into a decent
  3. I just did some research and found people saying TAD brand 6L6s are the best replacement for the Svetlana winged C's. So I've got an order on the way from Jeff Bezos. Will put the JJs away for backup. Levis stopped making my 513s. SED stopped making the winged C tubes. Why, why why why, must things change like this??
  4. I'm playing the same venue I did last year when my amp crapped out. When in for the "tech" rehearsal tonight, and my amp was sounding like crap. It might be because the repair job wasn't great--and they replaced my winged C tubes with JJs (blechh, but the tech said my power tubes were what caused the blow out last time). Tonight, the amp (Hot Rod Deluxe) had very very very mild distortion at a low low volume, did not sound right. To get power to it, the venue tech had two power strips strung to an extension cable to god knows where behind the stage. But I could see AC outlets about 20 fe
  5. Ok Boomers. That seems to be most popular here. I will trek to GC tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. Looks like Dean Markley has stopped producing the Blue Steel strings. I used them for 20+ years. Loved em because they maintained their springiness much longer than other makes, but they weren’t overly springy. Does anybody know if they’re making the same thing but under a different name? What make for you use? How would you describe the sound? I go on stage for the first time in a year next weekend. Gotta restring and be ready. (BTW, I use gauge 10-46.)
  7. Anthony Kiedis sang “Under the bridge downtown, I gave my life away.” Flea just gave away 90 cents and things worked out pretty well.
  8. Oh. Hmm. I have two cats. Shoulda stuck w piano as a kid. Coulda been a virtuoso!
  9. What does "person + keys" equal?? Knobs???
  10. Didn’t Radiohead split the copyright of “Creep” because it had the same I III IV iv progression as a Hollies tune? Radiohead arpeggiated and sang a different melody and did a ton of other novel stuff, but they still split the copyright.... and then recently sued Lana Del Rey for using the same progression with a very similar vocal melody. Anywho, the matter of borrowing/sharing chord progressions across the centuries is a big reason why I get frustrated with lawsuits about particular rhythms. Music works largely by inspiring and sharing.
  11. Well then the whole system is totally blursted up! We need a Bernie Sanders to ride in there on a wrecking ball.... Obviously I have little understanding of all this stuff. Maybe that’s a reason I was eager to take a record deal years ago but my band mate rejected it.
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